Product Review: Grandma Lulu's Sand Dollar Sugar Cookies

Grandma Lulu’s gluten-free cookies landed on my door step one day last week and it was quickly discovered that these samples came from Gluten Free Dee.  These sugar cookies shaped like a sand dollar have been used by brides for years as party favors for their big day.  A gluten-free version was recently created for the owner’s son who was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2010.

Mary Lou has been making the Original Sand Dollar Cookie and shipping them around the county for years.  After lots of experiments, she perfected her first flavor of gluten-free cookie.  Other flavors will come down the road like White Chocolate Dipped and others, but since this company just launched at the beginning of January they are still gathering feedback and doing research.

These cookies are quite unique because of the maple flavor.  They are currently using an artificial source for the maple, but after expressing my concerns to the owner, they will begin to look for a natural maple flavor.  Most health food stores do not accept product that has artificial flavors or colors.

The cookies are light, flavorful (maple was a little overpowering to me), don’t crumble or have a strange aftertaste.  They just taste like sugar cookie with maple flavor and they are just beautiful.  One cookie is just enough to feed my sweet tooth without being overly sweet.

Grandma Lulu’s hopes that her gluten-free cookies become your preference rather than your alternative to her original cookie because it has all the goodies, just not the gluten.  The cookies can be ordered via their website for $4.95 per 6 oz. bags, which gets you about 12 cookies.

Article Courtesy:  Jennifer Harris