Product Review: Five Star natural meat marinade

I recently received two complimentary bottles of Five Star’s natural meat marinade, which is all purpose marinade that can be used for beef, chicken, fish, lamb, pork and game.  This marinade is an old family recipe created by Burt Amaral’s (owner) grandmother, which is all natural and boasts:

  • No msg
  • No sugar
  • No carbs
  • No preservatives
  • No oils or fats

Burt’s nephew Casey is gluten intolerant and his girlfriend and her son have Celiac Disease, which is why this product is being marketed to the gluten-free community.  Casey loves the marinade flavor on meat, chicken or fish and will often marinate vegetables in it to go with the meal.

The marinade is a little thinner than we thought it would be and it smelled spicy with the vinegar and paprika being most notable.  The ingredients are simple: vinegar, salt, spices, paprika, and garlic and it comes in a 16 oz. bottle.  The spices are not identified because they are a proprietary blend, but spices by definition are gluten free.

The directions tell you to shake well and pour one to two cups over your meat and let it sit overnight or up to two to three days for a more robust flavor.  Make sure you shake it well because a lot of the spices sink to the bottom of the bottle and you want to make sure they are evenly distributed before you use it.

We marinated chicken breast tenders overnight and then cooked them on the stove for dinner.  The chicken had become ‘red’ from the marinade and smelled wonderful.  It cooked up great and was fork tender with bold (not spicy) flavor the whole family enjoyed.  It would also work nicely as a dipping sauce for steak and other meat.  We are going to use it next to marinate pork tenderloin.

Five Star Natural Meat Marinade is a great all purpose marinade that can be purchased online for $10.50 per bottle with free shipping.  It can be used year round and it is a product we recommend adding to your pantry.

Article Courtesy:  Jennifer Harris