Product Review: Fabe's Bakery gluten-free apple pie

While I was out in Arizona I found Fabe’s Bakery gluten-free apple pie.  The company makes both gluten-free apple and pumpkin pie and cakes.  All of their products are vegan and they are made from scratch and naturally sweetened. Since we were going to a birthday celebration we purchased the pie for my dessert.

Fabe’s is not a dedicated company as they also make wheat-based products.  The 8″ apple pie contains four servings per container.  It is inside of a pie pan that is inside of a larger plastic pan and is covered with a lid.  The pie sold for $8.99 and we liked that we could close the lid and didn’t have to cover it with foil or put it in a different container to store the leftovers.

The gluten-free apple pie does not have a top crust, rather it is topped with crumbs.  We heated a piece in the microwave and liked both the texture of the crust and the flavor of the apples.  The apples weren’t too hard or too squishy, but just right.  We didn’t care for the topping, but we think it would turn out much better if it was heated in a toaster oven/oven prior to eating because the crumb topping would get crunchy and add another layer of texture.

The pie was loaded with apples and was slightly sweet.  The crust was easy to cut though and didn’t have a chalky aftertaste.  It was a nice gluten-free dessert and one that we would purchase again.  We would really have liked to taste the pumpkin pie too, but it was out of stock.

Fabe’s products are not currently available here on the East coast just yet, but you can buy them online.

Ingredients: Apples, white grape juice blend (water, white grape juice concentrate, natural flavors), rice starch, palm oil, almond meal, organic potato flour, chicory syrup, cinnamon, sea salt.

Article Courtesy:  Jennifer Harris

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