whit waaaayyyy

Sometimes when I go running with Greyson I give him choices because it makes him happy…and it also illustrates the beautiful cause and effect of using language…

Grey- which way should I go? That way- or that way? I ask, pointing to the left and right…

And then as soon as he answers- whit waaaaayyyy– and points appropriately- We goes the way he wants…

Tonight as we were headed up to bed, Greyson saw a Yo Gabba Gabba Happy Birthday sign from Parker’s birthday in the pantry… He wanted me to get it out so he pointed to it and said- Whit waaaayyy…. and as crazy of a thing it was to say- I totally got what he intended… He has absolutely no idea what That Way means…he just knows he says it and he gets what he wants…and then thinks that if he said it in this context- he would also get what he wanted.

After 8pm I’m done correcting and coaching Grey- so I just grabbed the sign for him… He pointed to the wall where it was hanging before and said- Open… because he really has no idea what the actual word open means- but he knows when he hands me a bag of chips that he must say Open– for him to get what he wants… so open clearly means something

And sometimes I’m still surprised at just how hard language is for Grey…But it’s just so adorable and painful how hard he tries… And a couple of months ago when he was still in school and slowly drifting away- he would have just pointed at the sign and started screaming…

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Little tiny baby light bulbs daily, Friend…

They both are working and playing so darned hard…

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Today’s abstract thoughts…

Babies grow so crazy fast. Especially their first year of life. I think its to remind us big people that we were put on this earth to grow…to change…to NOT stay the same. Sometimes growing hurts- which is why they call them growing pains.  Babies can’t decide to just not grow… Neither should we.

Take time to smell the roses…and if you really don’t have time- get them to go.

Happiness and anger are mutually exclusive. One can not exist with the other. That is why I decided to not be angry that my kids have Autism. That doesn’t mean I don’t get angry about it sometimes…for me- getting angry, working through it and then moving on is all part of the gig. I try not to judge or feel guilted by the anger. I feel it and then I move on.

When I write about what’s important to me and how I feel about Life it’s often in a – I’m figuring all of this out alongside with you way. Not a- I know everything kind of way. I hope my intentions read true.

Tonight we went to Open House at Grey’s Typical preschool…It’s one of the things I mourned that I would never get to experience because of Autism..but I was wrong… It’s funny the things we worry about that never come true…

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Oh, I feel you cow. I think a lot of us feel like cows that oink…but we are afraid to admit it- and admit our own truths because we are afraid of what others will think…we think we are the only oinkers so we keep it inside- not realizing there are more oinkers than not… Admit your truth… Even the real nitty gritty honest imperfect scary parts… For sure don’t lie – but also don’t hide the truth… The phrase isn’t- A lie of omittance will set you free. Nope, Baby…it’s the truth

So what ends up happening is we get together and don’t want to admit we are the only oinkers so we end up making the most inane of small talk instead of really connecting…Why, yes- I did repaint my living room… It took me awhile to find just the right shade of Gray… I’m not saying we should all hold hands and quote Neitzsche- but I’m saying if more people could just be authentically honest- we’d all feel so much less alone…

Oink Oink…


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Article Courtesy:  Chrissy Kelly

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