Oral manifestations of celiac disease: a clinical guide for dentists.

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Celiac disease (gluten sensitive enteropathy) is a common disorder affecting both children and adults. As many people with celiac disease do not present with the classic malabsorptive syndrome, delays in diagnosis are common.

Dental enamel defects and recurrent aphthous ulcers, which may occur in patients with celiac disease, may be the only manifestation of this disorder. When dentists encounter these features, they should inquire about other clinical symptoms, associated disorders and family history of celiac disease.

In suspected cases, the patient or family physician should be advised to obtain serologic screening for celiac disease and, if positive, confirmation of the diagnosis by intestinal biopsy.

Dentists can play an important role in identifying people who may have unrecognized celiac disease. Appropriate referral and a timely diagnosis can help prevent serious complications of this disorder.

Rashid M, Zarkadas M, Anca A, Limeback H.

Dalhousie University, Halifax Nova Scotia.
Article Courtesy:  Dr. Stephen Wangen
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