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So instead of a Vintage Life with Greyson + Parker post- I will instead do a shorty but sweetie one.

I am so not Oprah -for a few Billion different reasons…but I can still share some of my new favorite things with you..And because of those billions of things I don’t have…unfortunately I can not give all of you reading your own supply… However if you would like to come over- I will gladly share mine with you.

In the hustle of the week, I didn’t even tell you I went Gluten free. Yup- totally. Today is Day 5.

I decided to do it for the following reasons…

  1. To pledge my love to Grey…man-I know I’m corny- but that sounds really corny. Sorry.
  2. To show solidarity as a little family unit. Parker is officially Gluten/Casein/Soy free (known as GF/CF/SF to those in the know. Gluten is Wheat/Barley/ Rye. Casein is Dairy- in simple terms)- so I figured I should at least give it a whirl for one week. So often I read about how someone cut gluten out of their life and they never felt/looked more amazing…I want to see if that is hype.
  3. And lastly- and importantly- I needed something to obsess and focus on this week besides Greyson going to school. I figured I’d be starving and miserable and therefore focus on that instead of sad and miserable missing Grey!

We have been scouring the World for GF/CF/SF finds for almost a year now- so we’ve already had that trial and error of deciphering through the horrible and discovering the good…so I know I have it a little easier. And I don’t want to make light of anyone with Celiac Disease…I know doing it for a lifetime is so much harder than doing it for “at least a week”…

This guy…


And this guy…

I added rice.

I’ll keep you posted. Moving forward…

Favorite thing number 1:

GHEE…It’s butter for people that can’t have dairy…It’s the butter fat that rises to the top- and tastes just like… butter? Crazy. Now itty bitties- especially ones with Super Powers need fat as brain food…. So this is some good fat that I can put on everything for him.
You can easily make your own- but lately my motto has been- why make it quickly, easily and inexpensively- when you can buy it for $12 dollars at Whole Foods?

Number 2…Coconut Oil.


Anti-viral, anti-bacterial…called a miracle product. Sign me up…

After you read this article– you will use it too… I even slather it on- I swear…

Favorite Thing Number 3
Drinks with Living things in them…you have so helped me through my soda cravings this week more than I could ever tell you…


You had me at Sparkling and Rebirth and Raw…Who doesn’t want to Sparkle? Guaranteed to make you feel like an absolute goddess while consuming… (men- they have some non-pink versions). I’d slather this on but I think I’d get all sticky… They both contain probiotics- which are supposed to help control the balance of bacteria and yeast in your gut which is thought to help with Immunity…(Now it’s sounding more gross and a little less Goddessy- I know.)

So, there you have it… Happy Fricking almost Friday. What a week!!! Anytime I got stressed I went here in my mind…


Feel free to come join me…

Can you tell? A little Me is back..just a little… Things are getting a little clearer…

Favorite Thing Number 4.
You…Thank you from the bottom of my gut- to my 206 Members/Friends helping to Change the World! I have needed your love and support this week- and you did provide!!!! Every single one of us- we are so much more the same than I think we realize.


Article Courtesy:  Chrissy Kelly

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