It's confirmed…

It’s confirmed…Logan has Celiac Disease.  I ended up getting into the doctor sooner because of a cancellation and I’m so glad.  I’ve been so worried because his tummy has been hurting so much and I really expected a major change when going on a GF diet.  Our GI specialist told me that it can take from six months to a year for his antibodies to get back to a normal and that she wasn’t suprised that his tummy was still hurting.  I definitely don’t like his tummy hurting, but I feel better knowing that this is not abnormal.  In fact since we went in, this past Thursday, I haven’t heard too much from Logan about his tummy.  Maybe he’s distracted with other things, maybe he’s getting use to GF food and doesn’t feel the need to complain about it, or maybe it doesn’t hurt anymore!!!  Who knows with a four year-old.  Now we start the process with my 20 month-old Mia.  We have to get her blood tested ASAP so that the absence of gluten in her diet doesn’t give us a false negative.  Honestly, if she has it, I don’t really feel like it’s terrible.  She’s eating almost GF anyway and she’s young enough that she won’t know the difference.  Also, if she has it, as her and Logan get older they can support each other too.  I’m really starting to see that being GF isn’t easy, but there are definitely worse things to have.

In talking to people about Logan recently, I always get a response of, “Wow, that’s terrible, what can he eat?”  I’m starting to come up with the response, “Anything he wants, as long as it’s Gluten Free.”  There’s a lot out there, and we’ve mostly been making our own with rice flour and such, because I think it taistes better than store bought.  Luckily, I work part-time and have the time to make him homemade goodies.  He’s really getting the hang of it too.  We had an end of the year celebration for pre-school for him and his classmates at school and there were lots of cookies, cake, dips, etc.  I got him a Capri Sun and pulled my tupperware out of my purse and said, “Do you want some cookies.”  He was all smiles.  I guess you just have to make adjustments.  In talking to his teacher, they mentioned that they tried to give him fish crackers the other day and he told them he couldn’t have them because they had Gluten.  I thought that was so cute and wonderful.  I see now that going out to eat may be a challenge for a while because he’s so picky, but he’ll be fine at school and they’ll just adjust with him as they did months ago when we found out he was allergic to peanuts.

Feeling better about GF,

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