Gluten Free? Yeah, There's an Android App for That –

I’m excited – G-Free Foodie is growing!  Recently we added a G-Free Foodie YouTube Channel – (Yes, that’s me on the videos. They’re hard for me to watch – but I’m glad you guys like them!) And now we have an App for Andriod (I hear you Apple & Blackberry folks – we’re working on it!)

The “Gluten Free Ultimate Solution” App for Android will find a Gluten Free restaurant near you with GPS, or you can search for one three states away with the Search Feature.  It also has great Gluten Free & GFCF Recipes – so you can hold the recipe for tonight’s dinner or tomorrow’s brunch right in your hand while you shop.  Love it!

Please let me know what you think of the App & the cooking demos on YouTube – we’re here for you!

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