Gluten Free Valentine's Day recipe round up

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching.  It is a day of flowers, candy, chocolate desserts, sugar cookies and of course dinner.  If you are on the gluten-free diet it can seem daunting to bake a gluten-free dessert that is a crowd pleaser, purchase a pre-made dessert, or determine which chocolates are gluten free, so read on and revel in the amount of gluten-free Valentine’s Day information that is out there to assist you in these tasks.

In our family, we love to dip strawberries and pretzels in chocolate, but since I am dairy/soy free, we use Enjoy Life’s chocolate chips.  We have also used Erewhon Cocoa Crispy cereal to make rice krispy treats and cut them into heart shapes.  Our favorite cookies to make are roll-and-cut sugar cookies and then top them with Pamela’s Products dark chocolate frosting, or their vanilla frosting topped with red sprinkles.  Some of our favorite gluten-free chocolate cookies include: Kinnikinnick KinniToosGLOW Gluten Free Double Chocolate, and Schar Chocolate Dipped, which can all be purchased at Return to Eden or your local health food store.

Listed below are just some of the gluten-free recipes we have found.  Remember nothing says ‘I love you’ quite as well as heart-shaped sweets!

  • Ginger Lemon Girl offers up a selection of gluten-free, dairy/casein free, and soy free recipes

Remember to check out the local gluten-free bakeries and restaurants to see what Valentine’s Day treats they are offering.

Celiac Family created a list of safe candies for Valentine’s Day that will help you choose the perfect candies for your family.

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