Gluten-Free Kid Birthday Party . . . ‘ish

First of all, Happy Birthday Judah!! My little dude turned four today, and I’m trying to make it not totally awful. You see, we were supposed to be at Disney & California Adventure right about now going crazy at Cars Land, instead he’s trying not to throw up his gluten-free birthday cupcake. Although, considering this was Judah the last time we went to Disneyland –

gluten free Disneyland

Maybe home is the better choice.

All of this is to say, I was planning on being in a hotel relying on those swell people to provide birthday treats to my boy, and instead I had to hustle when I arrived home from Austin to a house full of sick kids. No Disneyland service, meant pulling together a last minute birthday celebration. For someone who is puking. Yep.

After putting in a panicky phone call to Whisk Gluten-Free Bakery, these ladies delivered. My son picked a vanilla “They Say It’s Your Birthday” cupcake, and the rest of us enjoyed the peanut butter cup and the cookie dough gluten-free cupcakes. Yes, these are all gluten-free and ah-maz-ing.

For breakfast he really wanted to go to The Waffle, which also offers gluten-free waffles, but the LA Marathon is on which means no access to The Waffle. Sad. Instead, we stayed home and I made some gluten-free cinnamon roll pancakes, or as Judah requested, “pancakes with icing.” This had the added benefit of not getting puke in my car on the way home from breakfast. WIN.

You may be wondering why I’m getting my kid gluten-free cupcakes and gluten-free pancakes when he is in fact, not a celiac, intolerant, or any of that. Well, we’re kind of trying to become a gluten-free household. I say kind of because he asked for Zankou Chicken for his birthday dinner (which is mostly gluten-free) but he asked because he really wants the pita bread with the garlic butter. Then he changed his mind at the last minute and went for Chipotle. Which was actually gluten-free after all.  I mean, it’s his birthday, and he can have gluten if he wants to, but after he’s done celebrating we’re going to try again to kick gluten completely out of our house.

Why, you may ask? 1) After he ate tortellini and threw it up, I now have gluten all over my house. It is no longer contained. 2) My mom just tested off the charts sensitive to gluten (more on this later) and has had some pretty horrendous health problems related to this. I figure the chances of my kids escaping unscathed just got a lot slimmer. Why not avoid the whole damn gluten thing? 3) I’m really mad at gluten right now (see #2); and 4) I pride myself on having at least some control over what my kids will be saying in therapy 17 years from now.

So after this kid enjoys his cheddar bunnies and whatever the hell else he wants, we’re going to scale down the gluten for kiddos, like, to nothing. I’m sorry guys, I really am. And, ummm, Happy birthday?

Article Courtesy:  April Peveteaux

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