Gluten Free GIVEAWAY – Signed Copy of Gluten Is My Bitch

HEY! I’m sure you’ve all read a post or two from April Peveteaux, our contributor &  creator of the totally hilarious & all-too-true blog, Gluten Is My Bitch.

Well – she’s written a laugh-out-loud book about Gluten Free life, full of yummy recipes and the sort of advice you’d get from your best friend that tells everything as it is. Want a little taste? Read her recent post: So, a Leaky Gut Walks Into a Bar

Nope, April’s work isn’t for those who are offended by some foul language & brutal honesty (you may have guessed that) – this book is chock-full of both of those. And it’s one of the funniest damn reads ever.

Let us know how you make Gluten your Bitch, and April may share it with her readers too!

Now, Enter to WIN your very own Copy! XOXO – KC

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19 thoughts on “Gluten Free GIVEAWAY – Signed Copy of Gluten Is My Bitch

  1. Gluten is my bitch when I refuse to let it define what I do and who I am. I will eat pasta, dammit!!! (The yummy rice kind)

  2. My son and I both have to eat GF. This book sounds like it would be a very helpful read for us… :-)))

  3. I make gluten my bitch by taking those gluten-laden favorites and doing them BETTER without that nasty S.O.B gluten. Then I'm sneaky and don't say anything until after my gluten-loving friends and family eat it and think it's the bomb dot com. As the saying goes, anything you can do I can do better! There's is more to life than wheat/bread/gluten. 🙂
    I absolutely love love love April's approach to gluten-free living and the hilarious yet brutal honesty she writes with. Would really love a signed copy of her book!

  4. I would love to win this book, i think it would really help me out, I hope i win, but prolly won't cus i just never seem to win anything,but thats ok. But I wish everyone the best of luck, and hope someone that really wants it like me, will win this book 🙂 Good luck Everyone!

  5. I'm actually new to your website and new to eating gluten-free so I haven't mastered showing gluten who is boss yet. lol I really hope I win so I can start though! haha

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