Gluten Free Giveaway! In the Kitchen with Gluten Free Mama

We’re so proud of Gluten Free Mama and her lovely new cookbook “In the Kitchen with Gluten Free Mama.”   It has tons of easy-to-follow recipes, including ones we’re asked for all the time: Pie Crust (Dairy & Egg Free, too), Rolls, Biscuits, Breads, – plus Egg Nog Cookies, Red Velvet Cake, Spinach Artichoke Dip & more.

We think every Gluten Free cook should have this book – so we’ve created two gift packs in our store, one with In the Kitchen & a G-Free Foodie cookbook holder, and one the includes G-Free Flour & Vanilla tooBut just in case Santa  doesn’t put In the Kitchen under the tree for you, we’re giving away two copies Of “In the Kitchen with Gluten Free Mama” with our G-Free Foodie cookbook holder!

Simply post a comment below – be sure to input your email address correctly, or we won’t be able to find you!  Well’ close the giveaway on Wednesday, December 15th so we have time to get your prize to you before the holiday!  Good Luck & Happy Cooking –

KC & the G-Free Foodie Team

80 thoughts on “Gluten Free Giveaway! In the Kitchen with Gluten Free Mama

  1. After my successful first year as a gluten-free Thanksgiving hostess, I'm eager to try new recipes! I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. Hello!
    My new sister-in-law has Celiac, so I made my first ever gluten free bread and rolls from scratch for Thanksgiving for her. Anyway, I am really eager to have more recipes to make for her when she comes to visit! I hope that I win the new cookbook–that would be so awesome!!!
    Thank you!

  3. I have so loved learning the art of gluten free baking, this would so help me in my library to make Christmas goodies for my GF 3 year old.

  4. As a g-f person and cook, I look forward to using this cookbook in the future! I also appreciate egg-free recipes. Yummy!

  5. My hubby is Gluten/Wheat intolerant and you have no idea how much your site has helped. I've made many of your recipes for him and so far the've been a big hit. It's hard to cook for someone else who has food allergies(wheat/gluten/corn/tomatoes) when you don't have these allergies yourself. We've slowly been heading toward also being more vegetarian and eating more homemade/homegrown/nourishing foods so we appreciate it so much to find a site that has good recipes that fit in those categories! Thanks!

  6. Thanks for the wonderful recipes. Many of my family members are now GF since I was diagnosed four years ago. My son, two years old now, had many skin complications after birth. Since then we have found out through elimination that he also requires a gluten and dairy free diet. This makes many family meals with the in-laws difficult, but with yummy options like this they hardly notice the difference. Thanks again!

  7. I have been a diagnosed celiac patient for roughly 5 years. I would love and could really use some new recipes for meals and treats that taste good!! It can get quite hard to have to keep things seperate all the time, and if the food and treats tasted really good it would simplify my time especially at holidays! If everyone likes the food then I don't have to worry about cross contamination or not being able to eat some of the food! I love that you have giveaways that help us celiacs and our loved ones since having to be on a gluten free diet can be quite costly!! As long as it tastes good it is worth the cost to make!!

  8. I have never been a great cook, but now have a gluten allergy and am really struggling with finding yummy options my whole family will love and enjoy, but especially around the holidays, my extended family doesn't know what to do, so I either bring my own stuff or have something different that they know is gluten free…could really use the help!

  9. Looking forward to trying new GF recipes. I need all the help I can get. I'm find more and more that friends and family are needing to go GF for health reasons.

  10. Thanks for all the help! We have 9 allergies represented here at home, and I use your site all the time. LOVE IT!

  11. I need some cookbooks so I don't get in a rut by constantly reproducing my first gluten-free Thanksgiving!

  12. I really appreciate all you do for gluten free people. My husband almost died and after getting his celiac under control with the gluten free diet he can walk without falling, can drive again, no longer has pain, his cognitive skills have improved drastically, he can carry on a conversation with people, no more neuropathy, most of his joint pain is gone, he can remember and has started to do repairs around the house. It is so good to have my husband back. With all of this I decided to go on a gluten free diet. I have thought that I have a sensitivity to it but not celiac. With in 10 days I had more energy, was able to go out and work in my garden everyday for 1-2 hours, my depression was less, etc. etc. So thank you again for all you have given us. I would really like to win the cookbook to make our life even better my being able to make new and different recipes. Judy

  13. Recovering from major surgery discovered I could no longer "tolerate" gluten and a few other food items. course, I still "hunger" for the foods I used to know, so its all a learning process that I am hoping your site / cookbook will help me accomplish and feel accomplished. It may sound silly but I learned I really want to live after surviving this health scare. Living now has become a total life quest, beginning with good food and being ABLE to actually cook it right.
    Thank you for posting this op for all of us. and thank you. . . for your guidance and kindness!
    Merry Christmas and to all, a healthy life!

  14. My Mom recently discovered she has Celiac, and may also be lactose intolerant. I'm doing whatever I can to find resources (like your great site) to help her in the transition. Thanks for your good work.

  15. My husband has been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I am anxious to make GF donuts and pasta for him.

  16. My family and I are newly GF and I keep making the same things, because I am to scared to venture out and fix the gluten foods to non fluten. This book would be a great investment

  17. We found out my son was allergic to gluten/wheat at 15 months, he is now going on to 26 months, it was a struggle at first but now i'm able to get around it better…i've started baking and would love to have this to stir up something yummy in the kitchen for my son to enjoy..

  18. I have been gluten free for 6 years. I love to cook and am always looking for new recipes. I love your website and am excited about the giveaway. I have learned a lot about adapting recipes that I love and making them gluten free………lots of trial and error. Thanks for all you do.

  19. Over the past couple years I have had to completely rethink the way I cook thanks to both my sister and son being dx gluten intolerant. It has been crazy to say the least. Being my son is 5 taking the gluten out of his diet has been next to a nightmare but we are coping and he is slowly learning to love more grilled entrees and is in heaven when he knows I am baking. I haven't bought any gluten based pasta, flours or mixes in months. I am always looking for new ideas and recipes that I can make for him as well as being able to each my 13 yr old sister how to enjoy cooking and eating gluten free. It's an adventure for us all to say the least 🙂

  20. Going to try my darndest to make a GF Christmas dinner that nobody knows is GF! Only 6 months into this, and get so confused at the mass of flours out there and what to do with them!

  21. Always looking for new, good GF recipes. Have successfully tried many of the G-Free foodie recipes and would love to win this set!

  22. Thank you for this generous contest. I was diagnosed this last March 2010. I am a holiday baker for all my family and friends for years. This is my 1st year for working with my Celiac disease and cooking/baking. Know only the basics and eating basics. These books would really help and are greatly appreciated. Happy Holidays!!!

  23. My daughter and I both learned we have celiac disease this year. It has been a challenge to adapt some days and find recipes that help us to leave the table feeling like we really our meal. I appreciate all the resources you offer to help make this a little easier!

  24. I've been gluten-free for over three years now… learning something new everyday about CD and gluten intolerance and how to cook and live gluten free. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in your contest and hopefully win (!), become acquainted with In the Kitchen with Gluten Free Mama AND G-Free Foodie!!!

  25. My Son was diagnosed With Celiacs Disease and Leaky Gut in July.
    This year at Thanksgiving it was hard to find things for him to eat since he can 't have Casein either. I would love this book!

  26. Recently started cooking GF, I need ideas on some things that I can do so this would be an awesome first book in my new adventure 🙂

  27. Thank you so much for this opportunity!
    It will save me so much time from pulling up the recipe on the computer and running back and forth from kitchen to computer to make sure I have it right. Sure I could print it out…but then that would just lead to a MORE cluttered kitchen…then I would lose the recipe. :o)

  28. I was amazed by some of the changes from going gluten free. Allergies, stomach and skin issues improved in people in the household who weren't the people we thought needed to be gf. It is so much easier to convert the entire household instead of trying to prepare traditional and gf versions of everything!

  29. I am trying my best to stay gluten free and healthy. I am always looking for ways to cook gluten free meals for me and my family. Celiac disease will not kill me, Going gluten free, has made me stronger and smarter and healthier. I love your recipes, and even my kids like them too.

  30. Your recipes have helped me so much in the first 4 months since my diagnosis!! Thanks for all your work!! I don't know what some of us would do without you!

  31. My older sister and I began our gluten free journey a few years ago after spending several years researching what was causing our ailments. Our little sister has now joined us on our journey. We often swap recipes because we love to cook. We look forward to using your cookbook:) Thanks so much!

  32. I am not celiac, but my sister, my mother, and I have all discovered that our asthma and allergies are significantly better when we follow a gluten free diet. I'd love to have more recipes to enjoy and share with my famiy.

  33. Cooking gluten free can get so boring but I have no other option…I love finding new recipes to change things up a bit and make meals more enjoyable for my celiac self and my non gf fiancé!!

  34. I've only been Gluten Free since 2009 and still am looking for good gluten free recipes. My neice has been diagnosed with wheat and rye allergies and this would help me find recipes for her as well.

  35. We've been GF/CF/SF/DF for about 2 years now and am running out of new ideas. I hope I find this under my tree this year (I hope you are reading Santa).

  36. It is always exciting to see another Gluten Free cookbook! I hate the time involved preparing everything from scratch, but love the health benefits (beyond being gluten-free). I guess I'm just lazy. I need things like new GF cookbooks to get me excited over trying something new. It helps to know it will turn out! 🙂 Look forward to checking it out. Happy Holidays.

  37. The photos look amazing, such a beautiful book, and as eating is a joy of all the senses it is great to see an artistic creation that adds to our enjoyment. Too often GF ends up being very dry and boring in it's presentation. Part of why I love G-Free Foodies is that you celebrate gluten free as excellent, quality food. It looks like the Mama is celebrating this as well.

    Thanks for your hard work on behalf of all of us GF foodies!

  38. being a flight attendant with celiac is extremely difficult! i find myself looking for new AND SIMPLE ideas to cook up and pack with me to hold me over… thank you for always bringing a great variety of GF options to the table!

  39. The cookbook looks lovely. We have just been experimenting with regular recipes and replacing the regular flour with GF flour…some big fails but some good results.

  40. I am always looking for new gf recipes to try out for my father in law, I look forward to trying the new recipes in this cookbook on him. Thanks for putting it together!

  41. I would love to win this fantastic cookbook! In fact, earlier this morning I sent a link to my hubs to buy it for me for Christmas…

  42. I would love to include some of these recipies with the Christmas dinner I am planning. I look forward to checkibg it out!

  43. We began our gluten-free journey this year after we brought home our son from Haiti. In trying to determine causes for different health problems he is suffering from we found he cannot have gluten. I always appreciate finding/discovering new foods and meals we can make at home!

  44. I like finding gluten free cookbooks with pictures so I can get a visual on how the food is going to look. That's what whets my appetite. I also make gluten free/vegan treats for my church.

  45. Since I have been gluten free as of this year. I have been having fun cooking and trying new things.

  46. I can't wait to try it out! It will be a couple gifts under the tree for family this year who has also gone gluten free.
    Kim – Montana

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