Gluten Free Baking Help and More From Orgran

We bake & cook all the time at G-Free Foodie, but we bake & cook even more during the holidays!  Plus, this is the time of year when our loyal readers have more questions about baking.  So we were really happy to try these products from Orgran Gluten Free – we think they’ll help you have a happier Gluten Free holiday!

No Egg Natural Egg Replacer – this Gluten, Dairy & Soy Free product is vegan too – and has easy-to-follow directions for making substitutions for eggs and egg whites.

Gluten Substitute – this product is made predominantly from starches and gums and is Gluten, Dairy, Soy Free & vegan.  You blend 1 part of the Gluten Substitute into 5 parts Gluten Free Flour (we still recommend using a G-Free Flour blend) in baked goods for a more traditional consistency & workable dough.

Gluten Free Self Raising Flour – Thank you Orgran!  This Gluten Free Flour blend is a good option for converting biscuit doughs and other recipes calling for self-raising flour.  We recommend subbing this flour one-for-one in conventional recipes calling for self raising flour and then deciding if you need to add any additional starches or gums.

Corn Crispy Crumbs & All Purpose Rice Crumbs – these two alternatives for breadcrumbs contain only corn or rice, so those suffering from additional allergies can feel safe picking them up!  Both are great for adding a crust or using in a filling recipe – like Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms or Braciole, if you’re looking for ideas (or for people to come over to your house to eat.  We really like Braciole around here.)

Orgran makes lots of products – including some cool ones for G-Free kids. (We liked their Gluten & Dairy Free Shortbread Hearts in our Cookie Review, too.)  We certainly haven’t tried them all, but we think when you see their label, it’s worth pulling the product off the shelf and giving it a go.

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