G-Free Foodie's Gluten Free Recipe Contest – WIN $250!

Hey Everybody –

I’m SO excited to announce the details of our G-Free Foodie Gluten Free Recipe Contest!  You know I love a good G-Free recipe, and a GREAT one is even better!

We’re holding our first ever G-Free Foodie Recipe Contest, and here’s the scoop – There are 3 categories: Gluten Free Recipe from a Professional Chef, Gluten Free Recipe from a Home Cook, and Gluten Free Dairy Free Recipe!

The winner of each category will receive a HUGE prize pack and $50, and the overall winner will receive $250 and their recipe will be featured on G-Free Foodie for the Month of May!  Can you afford NOT to send us your best recipes?  I think not!

Enter your ORIGINAL recipe by emailing it to fo@gfreefoodie.com no later than April 15th! (You can also include a .jpg image as an attachment or a link to video if you have one.) We’ll be judging the entries in a hurry, because we’re announcing the winner at our first G-Free Foodie Eat Well Event on Saturday, April 30th at Birdstone Winery in Central California!

Don’t forget to include your name & contact information! We gotta get to you if you WIN!

Get more information at: https://gfreefoodie.com/glutenfreerecipecontest/

Happy G-Free Cooking Everyone – and GOOD LUCK!

Need a little inspiration? Check out our G-Free Foodie YouTube Channel for lots of Gluten Free Recipes, including my current favorite creation, Bacon & Sage Roast Chicken

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One thought on “G-Free Foodie's Gluten Free Recipe Contest – WIN $250!

    2 cups milk
    3 eggs
    11/2 cups sugar
    A few drops of vanilla essence
    1 tablespoon of sugar for caramel

    cream egg and sugar till light and creamy.Add milk little by little and mix well.cook on a low flame till its starts thickening (till it coats the back of a spoon).keep the file low as otherwise custard is likely to curdle.
    place the sugar in the custard mould with one table spoon of water.keep over a low flame and cook till it becomes brown and charred.coat the sides of the mould with caramel.add vanilla essence to egg mixture and mix well.pour the egg mixture into the mould with aluminium foil or grease proof paper steam in pressure cooker for 20 minutes unmould and serve.

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