G-Free Foodie Reviews – Gluten Free Hot Dogs & Sausages

Now that the G-Free Foodie Tasting Team has recovered from our collective food coma (you gotta love a tasting that starts with the words “No one is going to the cardiologist for at least a week, right?”) and we know how Joey Chestnut feels –  we’re proud to present our G-Free Foodie Review of Gluten Free Hot Dogs & Sausages.  Before we list our favorites, we like to share the good news: we had a really hard time choosing, because almost all of the products we tried were great.  (This is not the case at all of our tastings.)

So, if you find a G-Free hot dog at a store near you, we’re pretty sure it’ll be good.  But these are our favorites:

Best Hot Dog: This category almost got taken to the street, we couldn’t decide between Hebrew National or Nathan’s Famous.  You can find both of our overall favorite hot dogs in grocery store coolers, and then let us know what you think.

Best Organic and/or Grass Fed Hot Dog: Hands down, the winner in this race was Applegate Farms “The Great Organic Hot Dog.”  This dog is made up of well seasoned 100% organic beef, and can be found in premium grocery stores and natural retailers.

Best Oversized Hot Dog: Looking for a Big Dog for your summer BBQ?  We like Wellshire Farms “Old Fashioned Beef” dogs.  Pick up these tasty jumbo wieners at premium grocery stores and natural retailers, and don’t forget some great big buns.

Best Italian Sausage: Get ready, we had to break this one down into sub-categories: for Traditional Italian Sausage, we liked Fra Mani Classic Italian.  For best in recipes or On the Grill, we loved  the super-flavorful Boulder Sausage Private Reserve Italian with Red & Green Bell Peppers.  If you’re looking for Spicy Italian Sausage, we recommend Boudler Sausage Hot Italian.  Find both Fra Mani & Boulder Sausage in premium grocers or order online.

Best German/Bratwurst: Another title to Boulder Sausage, this time for their Bratwurst and Private Reserve Cheddar Bratwurst.  Our tasters couldn’t stop going back for more Cheddar Bratwurst, so don’t be surprised if one of us shows up when we smell them on your grill. Score Boulder Sausage in premium grocers or order online.

Best Flavored: So many flavor combinations in this category, we had a hard time with this one.  These three were universal favorites: Lou’s Famous Skinless Chicken Sausages in Artichoke + Calamata Olive and Sundried Tomato flavors, and Brooks Farm Roasted Garlic & Herb. Find Lou’s Famous & Brooks Farms in premium & natural markets.

Best Hot & Other: Brooks Farms Louisiana Brand Hot Sausage packs a flavorful and serious kick, and the Turkey Andouille from Wellshire Farms offered true Cajun flavor.  We’d throw some of the Andouille in a pot of G-Free Gumbo, and pop the Louisiana Hot on the grill next to the Cheddar Brats & Italian with Peppers from Boulder.

Happy Grilling G-Free Foodies!

8 thoughts on “G-Free Foodie Reviews – Gluten Free Hot Dogs & Sausages

  1. Also, "Boarshead" Pork/Beef Hot Dogs I believe are GF.
    "High Plains" Byson Hot Dogs, along w/ their Sausages are wonderful!

  2. I am a little surprised to read that you listed Nathan's as one of your best hot dogs. While I do agree that they are tasty, as of the last time I checked their label they list barley as one of their ingredients. Barley, contaminated oats, wheat and rye are big time no-nos in the diet of a person with Celiac Disease.

    1. Elizabeth – Earlier this year, Nathan's re-formuated their hot dogs to they would be Gluten Free, and they are now labeled as such. Give them a try!

  3. sahlen's beef products out of Buffalo has all g-f meats especially their fantastic hot dogs…and they ship anywhere

    their deli ham is out of this world….try it!

    1. Costco informed us that their hot dogs ARE Gluten Free, but the buns, of course, are not – and there is certainly a chance of cross-contamination in their food stands.

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