G-Free Foodie Box Club GIVEAWAY!

Hey – Have you heard about our NEW G-Free Foodie Box Club? We’re delivering our Favorite G-Free Foodie Finds to your door every month! There’s even an option for those of you that are Gluten Free + Dairy Free, with more options coming soon.

In addition to the monthly shipments of artisan and gourmet food products that are entirely Gluten Free, members will get recipes, serving suggestions and a gift from us, all for just $29! The boxes will include 5 or more full-size products, plus the other goodies.

You can Sign Up Now to be a Charter Member (you’ll score an extra-special gift from me!) and Enter to Win a Free Box too! (If you join now & are declared the winner, I promise to make it WAY worth your while!)

To Enter:
1) Like our Facebook Page
2) Leave a Comment below telling us your favorite Gluten Free food product or favorite G-Free Foodie Recipe!

We’ll choose a winner on July 1st! Good Luck & Thanks for being a G-Free Foodie!

157 thoughts on “G-Free Foodie Box Club GIVEAWAY!

  1. I was just diagnosed with Celiac a little over a month ago, so I'm still learning about all of the different products. So far the best "treat" I've had has been the Bob's Red Mill brownie mix with chocolate frosting (the frosting recipe is on the back of the bag).

    I'd love to win a g-free foodie box to try some more goodies!

  2. I am also learning about mixes etc, but so far I love the Vans waffles with a little almond butter.

  3. I love love love any of the BIONATURE brand pastas! They are made in Italy. I have lived overseas in Germany for 3 years and it was just as good as the pasta in Italy!

  4. Self diagnosed…4 moths ago…never felt better!! Way too many tests, over way too many years. So new to this wonderful feeling world that I don't have a favorite other then the fruit and veggie route, but on the constant lookout for something tasty!

  5. My favorite gluten free product is Tom Sawyer Gluten Free All Purpose Flour, it works for almost anything and then some πŸ™‚

  6. It's also difficult for me to pick a favorite…I guess I'd have to pick canned beans and canned re-fried beans. They're naturally GF and they make it easy & quick to make soups, sandwiches, etc.

    I already like you on Facebook. πŸ™‚

  7. Puffy Apple/Peach Souffle. First saw the recipe in the Caliac Sprue Association website! Best dessert I have ever tried!

  8. Puffy Apple/Peach Souffle. I got it from the Celiac Sprue Association website. Best GF dessert I have tried!

  9. We love Rudi's bread and we made a chocolate cake to die for using bobs red mills flours! Oh and TAZA chocolate I could love on! Can't wait to try all the delicious recipes on our site!

  10. Blackbird Morgans Banana Bread recipe is amazing! Roasting the bananas in their skin first?! Flavor boost heaven!

  11. While on vacation in Destin, FL I went to their farmer's market and found some homemade gluten free bread. It's the best stuff I've ever tasted and the lady has a variety of flavors. If anyone is in the Florida panhandle area, I would recommend going and buying a ton.

    Right now, I'm eating Georgia peach bread with actual chunks of peach in it… πŸ™‚

  12. Out of the Breadbox breads. I just found them and they are AMAZING. I'm starting to get over my PB&J withdrawl now that I can have a great tasting sandwich.

  13. My favorite gluten-free product are KIND bars. Naturally gluten-free and so delicious! So many flavors to choose from too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. My favorite GF healthy snack is Mary's Gone Crackers Original with peanut butter…and my favorite GF treat is Simply Organic's Carrot Cake with homemade Cream Cheese frosting. Thanks for this opportunity!

  15. I love against the grain pesto pizza and their bagels, actually all their products are amazing! Chebe brand bread sticks and pizza crust is awesome too! I am 27 and I was diagnosed with celiac disease for a couple years now and still am frustrated with it and have problems but, after going through so many products and being dissatisfied with them,i have been greatful to find many gluten free options over time that i really like. Against the Grain is awesome, and same with Chebe. If you haven't tried them, you really should!

  16. We are new to the G-free lifestyle as I was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. I do love the Van's waffles – it was nice to know that I didn't have to give up all my favorite things πŸ™‚

  17. I already LOVE you on Facebook:) my favorite products are Udi's bread and Schar's pasta. My favorite recipe is baked sweet and sour chicken.

  18. I love your brown sugar bacon. I look forward to mornings I can make that to go with scrambled eggs. My best friend liked it so much when I made it for her, she makes it to top her lunch salads.

  19. I love KIND bars! My fave for on the go or a quick healthy pick me up! I carry one in my purse at all times πŸ™‚

  20. My family loves my homemade gluten free mac and cheese and my homemade gluten free butterscotch oatmeal cookies. My family loves them and we never have leftovers when I make it.

  21. I really enjoy KIND bars. I carry them in my purse to keep my sugar level and make sure I always have a snack or meal replacement. They are great and convenient, too. My son also likes them a lot.

  22. I have been gluten free for 6 years and dairy free for 3. One thing my daugters (one of which is gluten free) and i love is making gf df muffins with king arthur flour brand muffin mix. They also have a fantastic pancake mix. It is also really noce that most the cookie/muffon mixes are just bases so you can add ingredients as you like!

  23. Our family of 6 LOVES GF Bisquick & it's versatility. Our twin boys have Autism & have very sensitive digestive systems, using gluten free has relieved much of their discomfort & behaviors associated & it has helped us as a family to feel healthier by using smart fuel for our bodies!

  24. G-free foodies Mac n Cheese recipe ~ Yum!!
    Larabars are my go to breakfast…with a kombucha of course. We also love the Gluten Free K-Kritters Animal Cookies in this house ~ a special treat on rare occassions, they are so good!

  25. I can't wait to try the Blueberry Crisp recipe…I am waiting for our blueberries to get ripe! Thank you for the great idea.

  26. Go Go Quinoa Chocolate Chip Cookies.
    (and the don't have xanthan or guar gums – hooray!)

  27. I have been living with Celiac Disease for years. It has been so hard to find food that I could eat. I am so glad to see that people are becoming educated more & tat manufacturers are seeing the need for Gluten & Wheat Free Foods. I have found that Enjoy Your Life Has some very good cookies. My favorite is the Snicker doodles. They are so moist & very soft, taste wonderful. I also love the Udi's Bread & also The Glutino Pretzels. Schar has some wonderful Already made & boxed Pizza Crust. Yummy.

  28. My favorite gluten free item, the Udi's frozen pizzas! Even my boyfriend (who doesn't have to be gluten free) loves them, our favorite flavors are the cheese and tomato/cheese!

  29. We love flour free peanut butter cookies – 2 cups peanut butter, 2 cups sugar, 2 eggs, 2 teaspoons baking soda, 1 teaspoon vanilla. Add some GF oatmeal or chocolate chip cookies for variety. (instructions – cream peanut butter and sugar, add eggs one at a time, add baking soda and vanilla. Make sure it's mixed well. Roll in to teaspoon sized balls, flatten before baking. Bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes).

  30. I love all the Kind bars for a quick snack. But my favorite g-food has to be pizza from Bin 14 in Hoboken, NJ. Best I have ever had hands down!

  31. Favorite would have to be the local gluten-free sourdough I get from Bread SRSLY – only place I've found that makes sourdough and it's great!

  32. My favorite recipe from this site so far has been the Bubble and Squeak Cakes with Poached Egg… delicious and as fun for the kids as it was for me. Thank you!!

  33. Can't live in the South or have young boys & not be able to fry some foods- GF Choice Batter. Makes the most delicious chicken nuggets (fried shrimp, zucchini, pickles, you name it). We also love Pamela's GF Bread mix & Whenever Bars.

  34. I love to make pumpkin pancakes with eggs, almond milk, coconut flour, baking soda, sea salt, cooked millet, thick cut oats, vanilla extract, flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, cinnamon, cardamon, ginger powder and turmeric and coconut oil!

  35. Love Udi's sandwich bread — makes great grilled cheese … and
    "pizzas" in the oven πŸ™‚

  36. I'm new to the GF life but so far have loved Glutino crackers the rosemary ones are amazing, enjoy life double chocolate cookies, and diamond Nut crackers nacho and Sour cream and onion flavored. Love this box idea. Helpful and may join when I can afford to. πŸ™‚

  37. There are too many good GF foods to have ONE favorite…But I would have to say the Kind bars are one of my favorites, especially the Coconut ones!

  38. There are too many GF that are good to pick one. However, I do know that my husband really likes the Glutino pretzels, and my daughter likes the Glutino crackers to make her "tuna sandwiches" with. The GF Bisquick is great for pancakes and the Betty Crocker dessert mixes are wonderful (especially when you substitute the oil/butter for equivalent portion of applesauce). . .

  39. We love all of the Betty Crocker gluten free mixes. They are so versatile. And the Chex gluten free varieties are great too.

  40. The individual blueberry crisps ! But then again when you are craving chocolate the GF hot cocoa cookies hit the spot as well.

  41. My favorite Gluten Free Goodies are Hudgson Mill Gluten FRee Brownies, and Trader Joes Chocolate Chip Gluten Free Cookies

  42. Udi's gluten free bread! Makes packing lunches a breeze and all their varieties are quite delicious!

  43. I love those Mexican chocolates! Addicted to the one with vanilla bean in it now! As if chocolate wasn't divine enough OMG my taste buds r in heaven!

  44. Jules Gluten Free flour!! Makes all homemade dishes taste like they would with gluten packed flour!

  45. I love Pamela's Products new Artisan blend flour. It makes everything perfectly, especially baguettes.

  46. I just found out that I have diverticulosis and need to be gluten free. I am new to finding food and recipes, what a great cite for recipes and food.

  47. My favorite is the Udi's Salted Caramel Cashew. The Glutino table crackers are quick and convenient….I usually have a zip lock bag with plain or peanut butter crackers when I'm on the go.

  48. Udi's muffins!!!! Yummy!!!! Even my kids love these…..I have to hide them from the kids!!!!

  49. I love Trader Joe's organic brown rice pasta selections. My friends and family can't tell it's gluten free….(and)it's heads and shoulders over the higher price versions!

  50. Just about anything Udi makes!! Bread, cinnamon rolls, muffins, etc… Makes my life easier knowing I can still indulge in yummy carbs! πŸ˜‰

  51. We love Schar's rolls and buns. Prepackaged individually – they taste like the bread we remember!

  52. I LOVE the Kind healthy grains vanilla and blueberry clusters, I love to mix it with the Arrowhead Gluten Free cereals with vanilla soymilk!

  53. I love Bob's Red Mill flour mixes! There are so many kinds that are gf. Pancakes, chocolate chip cookies, pizza, baking mixes etc! Enjoying his gf flour mixes making baking a little easlier!

  54. I like frosted flake chicken… Crush up frosted flakes and use it for shake and bake (dip raw chicken strips in egg, and then in a mix of rice flour and flakes, bake or fry) dunk it in honey. So tasty!

  55. I'd have to say my favorite gluten free product are Kind Bars. It is so nice to have a healthy snack around in case of an meal emergency.

  56. I'm loving the Kind Maple Quinoa Clusters right now. It's especially delicious on top of some tangy goat yogurt.

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