Food Review: Namaste Foods

Namaste Foods, L.L.C. prides itself on the concept and purpose of nourishing the body with good food, which in turn nourishes the mind and spirit. I think celiac and gluten-sensitive individuals can agree that this statement is true.

With my testers in Florida and L.A. licking their lips in satisfaction over their Namaste Chocolate Cake Mix outcomes, we had to try another adaptation, the black bottom cupcakes. Our adapted gluten-free black bottom cupcakes are filled with a delicious cream cheese middle, which blends into the entire cupcake through the baking process, making a truly decadent and moist cupcake overflowing on the top. For those of you who enjoy “muffin tops,” you’ll be pleased to know that you get both a whopping top and the cupcake in these desserts. We opted to use honey instead of the sugar called for in the Namaste recipe, and our topping was slightly altered as well. Just perfect!

The Chocolate Cake Mix really tastes exactly like the old gluten-laden chocolate cake mix we’ve all long forgotten and is a perfect mix for any of your cake or cupcake needs. Any frosting just adds to the delight, as you would expect.

We also tested the Taco Pasta, which comes with a premade mix of noodles. We followed the directions precisely yet added chopped tomatoes, chili pepper, and chicken breast as well as cilantro, fresh lemon juice, and a topping of cheddar cheese. It was delicious. It was a good, easy family meal that took less than 15 minutes to prepare.

Namaste offers 18 varieties of pasta and baking mixes, 8 of which are sugar-free and kosher. The owner, Daphne Taylor, has gone the extra step to ensure they are made in a facility that is gluten-, wheat-, potato-, soy-, corn-, dairy-, nut-, peanut- and cashew-free. She also ensures all ingredients are not genetically modified.

Namaste can sit on family tables that serve kids with multiple food allergies. We were pleased to know so many families are supporting Namaste with the results of happy, pain-free, symptom-free children.

Namaste products can be found in many health food stores and are easy to order online Their site offers many additional recipes, as their mixes are really quite versatile.

With a single mom’s dream and vision, the help of support groups, recognition by health food stores, and word of mouth, Namaste is now run by 14 women from their own homes to its continued growth and success.

We really like their vision, their purpose, and their delicious mixes!

Article Courtesy:  Tina Turbin

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