Food Company Review: riceworks®

riceworks® offers tasty chips for us on a gluten-free diet. We all loved all the flavors we tested and had a difficult time choosing a favorite.

The chips are triangular in shape, light, made with whole grain brown rice, and have no artificial flavors, preservatives or gluten. In holding the chips up to light, you can actually see whole grain rice right in the little chip.

There are six flavors to indulge in, and my personal favorite was the Sweet Chili. My testers had a hard time choosing a favorite, as they truly all are terrific gluten-free chips.

The celiac community helped raise the popularity of the chips with the acceptance of riceworks® into their households. riceworks® has done their work and ensured the soy sauce is certified gluten-free, any cooking sugars are all dairy- and gluten-free, and the caramel color is Class I Plain Caramel.
So we’re safe!

The company has also gone to proper lengths to send samples to an outside lab, which has returned them with the results of “none detected at 3 ppm.”

If you’re having a celiac community event, you can email for a supply of samples, and you can suggest recipes to post on their website by emailing

These chips are delicious, and the company is doing things right for the celiac community.

Article Courtesy:  Tina Turbin

2 thoughts on “Food Company Review: riceworks®

  1. I absolutely LOVE Riceworks chips! The salsa fresca is my favorite… me they taste like a gourmet, all-natural version of Doritos. And I also love the sea salt variety…you can really taste the sesame seeds. Definitely a favorite in our household…

  2. Riceworks have done an amazing job with their rice crisps. My absolute favourite is the Baked Cinnamon. The taste is not too over powering, so it is a household fave. Only thing is that not many stores stock this flavour, and if they do it is in short supply. Maybe someone else has found this problem and has a solution.

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