Featured Tastemakers – Oogie's Snacks

Oogies Gourmet Popcorn has been around since 2004, when Eric Thier, President of Oogie’s Snacks noticed that there were some interesting snack items available, but nothing that grabbed his affection like popcorn.  Thier recalls, “Popcorn had always been seen as a carnival or ballpark snack, not something to be taken seriously or treated in a respectable manner.  So I took some of my recipes and tried to do something quite different with popcorn.”  And that’s exactly what he did!  Using all-natural & top-quality ingredients he came up with interesting & exotic flavors.  Thier said, “With no real background in the food industry, nor having any statistics to tell me if there was even a market for this, I worked up a number of flavors and began selling locally.  Turns out there is a very good market for quality snacks that cut no corners, popcorn included”


Over the years Oogie’s has expanded their distribution into various channels, a bigger national and then international footprint.  They continue to develop new flavors.  “In short we’ve moved from my kitchen into mainstream retailers.”  Today their flavors include Cracked Pepper & Asiago, Movie Lovers, Sun-Dried Tomato & Parmesan, Smoked Gouda, Spicy Chipotle & Lime, Hatch Chili Con Queso & White Cheddar.  We recommend trying them all!

Giving back to the community has been a priority for Oogie’s.  Early on in the company’s existence they planned to focus on cancer-related organizations and projects.  “Oogie was the nickname of a college roommate of mine who died of brain cancer in 1991.”, Thier said.  But as requests came in from many worthwhile organizations they decided to support whomever they could.

Thank you Oogie’s Snacks for participating in The Eat Well Event.  And thank you for taking the time and energy to create a product that is fun, delicious and of such high quality.