#DINEGF Feb. 7-15th to Support Restaurants that Serve Safe Gluten Free Options | KC the G-Free Foodie

** #‎DineGF UPDATE ** The CEO of P.F. Chang’s emailed to thank us for #DineGF! Gluten Free diners, we’re making a difference!
The company has offered to cover my investment in the Gift Cards – I accepted, and will spend the $200 I committed promoting #DineGF! *

Y’all, I got upset when I read that P.F. Chang’s was being sued for charging $1 more for their certified Gluten Free Menu options. I’ll GLADLY pay more than that for safe GF food when dining out with friends and family – and because I’ve worked in the Food & Wine industry for almost two decades (am I that old?!?) I know what it costs for restaurants to segregate ingredients, cooking utensils and kitchen space in addition to staff training, labeling, menu space and other hurdles to safely serve Gluten Free diners.

I want MORE restaurants to take GF – and all allergen free diners – seriously, and to see that is worth doing business with us, because we are repeat guests that bring others with us. I want to ENCOURAGE restaurants to get GF Certified and sell me food. And if your response to my Facebook post on the subject was any indication, you feel the same way. So here’s what I’m going to do:

I’m encouraging each of you to #DINEGF sometime between Feburary 7-15th, 2015 and post photos of yourself, your food, your friends or whatever you want with the hashtag #DINEGF. I’ll be hitting P.F. Chang’s for sure, and a few of my other favorite spots that do GF right.  Let’s encourage restaurants to work with us by working with them. Doesn’t that make sense?

Ask your friends & family to post #DINEGF photos too – even if they aren’t dining GF themselves, if they are at a restaurant that takes care of their Gluten Free loved ones, they can help spread the word that providing safe GF meals matters.

I’ll even sweeten the deal – I’ll put up $200 of my own GF cash to send gift cards to the best #DINEGF posts we see. It’s worth it to me to support the restaurants that take care of G-Free Foodies and those with other allergies. Be sure to tag @gfreefoodie and use #DINEGF on your Instagram, Twitter & Facebook posts to enter.

#DINEGF y’all – and be loud about it, would you?


PS – I’ll even throw in two Love With Food by G-Free Foodie boxes of my favorite goods if you post about your favorite place to safely #DINEGF – Enter with the Rafflecopter widget or by leaving a Comment below.


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37 thoughts on “#DINEGF Feb. 7-15th to Support Restaurants that Serve Safe Gluten Free Options | KC the G-Free Foodie

  1. My favorite gluten free restaurants include PF Chang's, Bagger Dave's, and Outback Steakhouse. I plan to support all of them in the next week! Thanks for doing this, restaurants who offer GF options definitely need to know we appreciate them as they are!

  2. Grub Burger Bar has many gluten free items as well. Their sweet potato fries and most of their burgers are Gluten Free if served with a Gluten Free bun. Just ask the Manager and they are always very helpful.

  3. My favorite place is a local bakery that just expanded to offer breakfast and dinner. They're 100% gluten free but you'd never be able to tell! (Kyra's Bakeshop in Lake Oswego, OR.) My favorite chain is probably Burgerville. Thanks for the list of other restaurants! Very helpful for when we go to the "big city." 🙂

  4. PF Chang's and Biaggi's for sure! Also local bakeries — Organic Bliss, Bake Me Happy, and Tasty Bakery.

    I will visit all of them if I can! It's always great to run into good restaurants who take dietary restrictions so seriously.

    (BTW, I just got back from Orlando and major kudos to Disney and Sea World for the great experience I had being gluten free! Spaghetti and meatballs? Yup. Waffles? Yup. Beignets? Yup.)

  5. I am glad to see you doing this. Grumpy, angry people who seem to be picking a beef with everyone is a huge reason I got out of blogging.

    I do think some companies take advantage. (Kroger chain for example, for the GlutenFree premium) but I also understand the extra work and price serving food & supply chain is charging everyone a premium. My 3lb flour is $20…. It's going down as more places carry it, but yeah, if the company is charging a reasonable fee, I get it.

    Good luck with this. I might have to hit up PF changs this week!

  6. We love Chick Fil A. The grilled nuggets are delish and of course the waffle fries are the best!!! It's a great, inexpensive solution for my 9 year celiac daughter.

  7. loving this for ideas as I found out tuesday I have celiac! Def watching the #dinegf stuff! And appreciating your page

  8. I always feel safe eating at PF Changs. I like that they use different plates – and the food is delicious. My kids, granddaughters and I just celebrated my birthday there.

  9. I am so happy to find Gluten-Free restaurants. I am so angry that due to one person, we might all lose our options of restaurants. We all need to support these restaurants and tell them how much we appreciate them.

  10. I used to love going out to eat with family and friends every weekend, but once I found out I had a gluten intolerance, I began dreading going out to eat. I never knew if I would be able to find something that was truly gluten free. Once restaurants began advertising gluten free options, I felt a sense of relief knowing that I could enjoy going out to eat and enjoy gluten free food. My favorite restaurants that offer gluten free options are Outback, Red Robin, and Giovannis (a local Italian restaurant)! I am hopeful that more restaurants will catch on and continue the #DINEGF trend! @gfreefoodie

  11. I will promote this on facebook and I am going to dine at my favorite 100% Gluten Free place here in Phoenix: Jewel's Bakery and Cafe at Thomas Road and 40th Street! I want restaurants to have safe foods and am willing to pay a surcharge for that safety.

  12. Bonefish Grill, Outback and Carraba's are a few of my fave "chain" restaurants. Just ate and tagged Bonefish today! Bang Bang Shrimp, yes please!

  13. Our family loves Red Robin for GF dining! I will gladly pay the upcharge to know that my food is gluten free! Thanks for taking notice and this issue and making us all aware too!

  14. Thanks! I wasn't trying to start anything on your IG post, I was just curious what people were thinking/saying about the issue. I had seen your post the other day and then afterwards, saw the news about people suing so I was really just looking for more information. I'm not strictly gluten free (or celiac) but I am paleo/primal and, though I haven't eaten at PF Chang's because we don't have on nearby, I'm certainly interested in more GF/Paleo options at restaurants and I'm very interested in the conversation. Thank you!

  15. PF Chang's has fantastic gluten free options…. and very, very safe with separate cooking areas, plates, utensils, etc! I also tried out a little café called Lucie's in Phoenix this past weekend… I was able to eat French toast, GF, for the first time in years! It was a little slice of heaven. I am soooo thankful so many more companies are serving gluten free options. It is very hard to go out to eat with friends and family, but there seem to be more and more gf options every day. Thanks KC for spreading the word and supporting GF dining!

  16. My favorite place to eat safely dine gluten-free is Swaghura (Indian restaurant) in Franklin, TN. The owner is so sweet and is very helpful for those who need to avoid gluten or other foods. #DINEGF

  17. Our favorite places to eat gluten free that we've tried so far are White box Pies and Red Robin. I'm putting PF Changs on my list to try next.

  18. How do I choose? I love PF Chang's, Jason's Deli, Red Robin…but if I had to pick a favorite, it'd probably be Mellow Mushroom. I can get a gluten-free pizza with vegan "cheese" AND a gluten-free hard cider to drink? Love it! We just ate there last night 🙂

  19. My favorite place to eat gf is PF Changs and Red Robin and Northwest Pizza Company in Coeur d'Alene Idaho. In fact for my 50th birthday in a few weeks we will be celebrating at PF Changs. I will gladly pay more to know the food is safe to eat.

  20. we recently relocated near a city with a PF Changs – one of the reasons I agreed to move away from all our friends and family

  21. Gotta list a few faves— Picazzos, Spinatos, Old Spaghetti Factory, PF Changs, In & Out Burger, True Food Kitchen, Jewel's Bakery & Café(OMG–look for the homemade pretzels…………go there!), BJ's Brewery(gf pizookie is to die for)…..all in the Phoenix area. I'll gladly pay more for peace of mind and a chance to eat "real food" just like my friends.

  22. My favorite restaurant that has a dedicated GF menu is the Bruck Alley Pub in Newport, RI. Their staff is amazing. They are very, very accommodating and understanding. The food is beyond incredible and the prices are very reasonable. We are heading down to Newport for the weekend and we will definitely be stopping in! Thanks, Brick Alley Pub!!!

  23. So thankful I have found the GF foodie!
    Newly diagnosed child with wheat,gluten and dairy allergies.
    Just made the GF no bake heart cookies for his class for Valentine's Day!
    Made substitutions for dairy and they came out perfect!
    Just started with this but have two favorites already:
    Our Daily Bread in Chatham, NY and Baba Loiues in Hudson, NY
    Baba Louie's will be tonight's take out Gluten free and dairy free pizza! Yum!
    Thank you!

  24. I live in a small town and have to travel a ways to eat at a GF establishment. I am thankful though that more restaurants are offering GF options especially those that make sure the food is prepared in a GF environment so there is no cross contamination. It angered me when I saw that a woman had filed a lawsuit against PF Chang's because they charge ONE dollar more for their GF entrees. I gladly would pay the extra dollar. I enjoy GF pizza at a Kansas City area chain called Minskys. Also LOVE Outback Steakhouse…yummy! A few others as well. I support establishments that offer GF options in a regular basis and hope more places will start offering a GF menu. Although this lawsuit against PF Chang's may have some establishments question whether they should offer GF options. To have come so far in the last couple of years it sometimes just takes one idiot to spoil it for the rest of us!

  25. I am from Canada and we have a LONG way to go. Hubby has celiac and we just visited Scottsdale and WAY more GF options that Vancouver! We loved Picazzos. #DINEGF

  26. i have two favorite restaurants, an upscale restaurant in Putnam, CT, named 85 Main, and the other, Burton's, at a small open air shopping mall at Evergreen Walk in South Windsor, CT, just north of the Manchester boundary line. Both have dual menus and extremely knowledgeable chefs. We dress up to go to 85 Main where the service is impeccable and the dishes excellent. I especially like the appetizer of cornmeal encrusted clams, in season only.
    Burton's is for me a luncheon destination during a day of casual shopping. While waiting for the meal ordered, we are presented with a basket of delicious small rolls or cornbread totally gluten free. Mm!

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