Cruisin' GF

Jennifer & her ENTIRE family just went on an Alaskan Princess cruise, which included her Celiac Mom, Brother & Son Logan.

The cruise was wonderful…well, let me re-phrase that…it was great, but the first two days were really, really rough.  We went on a cruise to Alaska .  It was beautiful, the ship was wonderful, but my Mia was a monster the first two days.  She was doing normal two year old stuff like throwing herself on the ground in the hallway with a tantrum, throwing food at other people, wanting to climb every set of stairs on the ship, etc.  Basically the stuff your kids do on really really bad days.  Logan , on the other hand, was great.  He loved the atmosphere, the ocean pools (as he called them), the whale tales we saw and all of Alaska .  The only issue he had was that he was so tired from all the excitement he couldn’t keep his eyes open at dinner time.

The staff was wonderful with Logan’s food allergies (Gluten and Peanuts.)  Since we were on vacation, I kind of let up on trying to get the kids to eat healthy and just gave in.  They ate hamburgers and hotdogs (without buns) and French fries for lunch every day and some nights for dinner.  The waiters for Princess were wonderful to work with.  For dinner, they would show us the menu the night before so we could pick for the kids and have the food ready quickly the next night, had the bakers bake special GF cookies for Logan that were to die for, and made sure everything was exactly perfect.  I have to say that this was probably the easiest vacation I could imagine food wise for someone with food allergies.  We also found out a third of the way through that they had GF cereal.  Logan called them his special mini wheat’s.  They were super tasty.  We ended up going through three or four boxes because they just gave us the box and we all snacked on it throughout the day.  They’re a product of Canada so I’m going to have to figure out a way to order them.  Even in the childcare center (Princess Pelicans) they were excellent about food allergies.  I noticed when they had an ice cream party that they had a list for all the kids and which ones had allergies.  I have to say, I was impressed.

It seems like when I go out for the day with the kids, fast food or a restaurant is a chore to deal with sometimes, but this vacation proved that it doesn’t have to be that way.  I look forward to our next cruise (whenever that will be) and hope that things continue to get easier with Logan .


G-Free Foodie Mommy Jennifer