Conversations with God

Last night I had a conversation with God. I couldn’t wait to tell you about it.

I asked him to explain the whole, “God only gives you what you can handle” phrase because I’ve heard it alot lately. God just started laughing. The thing most people don’t know about God is that he has an awesome sense of humor, a deep laugh, and his eyes crinkle in the sweetest way when he belts one out.

He said that somewhere along the lines what he really said got a little misconstrued. The real quote is- “Whatever life gives us God helps us handle”. I told him that makes so much more sense to me!

Like- How unfair is the first one? “Chrissy- you are such a strong and capable person- I’m gonna really heavy up that load you are carrying because I know you can do it”…But “Sabrina- you are a little slow and can’t really juggle alot of things at once, so…hmmm–let’s have you win the lottery and have a perfect life, because sweetie, no offense- that’s all you can handle girl.”

God and I had a really good laugh then. That man cracks me up!

Article & Photo Courtesy:  Chrissy Kelly

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