Back to School Giveaway from Katz Gluten Free!

We love the folks at Katz Gluten Free – their Gluten, Dairy & Nut Free baked goods are baked in a Certified Gluten Free facility, & while they make some standards: bread, rolls, cookies, etc., it’s the Gluten Free Finds we can’t get anyplace else that we LOVE!  G-Free Rugelech, Kugel, Oat Challah Bread, Honey Loaf – delish!

You can get in on the Gluten/Dairy/Nut Free love too!  We’ll be giving away a $25 Katz Gift Certificate to one lucky G-Free Foodie, and a Katz Gluten Free Gift Pack to someone else!  Plus, everyone who Enters the Grand Prize Drawing (be sure to list G-Free Foodie as the referral blog!) has a chance to win  a $100 Gift Certificate to Katz Gluten Free!

To enter our drawing, post a comment below. To enter to wine the Grand Prize @ Katz, click on this link.

You can’t see me, but I’m doing the Rugelech dance now.  Enter to Win your own Kugel, G-Free Foodies!

Contest ends September 13th – so hop to it!

72 thoughts on “Back to School Giveaway from Katz Gluten Free!

  1. Have not seen this brand in our stores here in Delaware. Would love to get some for my son. He loves new treats.

    Saw this on Gluten Free Foodie

  2. I haven't tried this brand (haven't seen it in my stores here) but would LOVE to win this prize so I could!!

  3. Thanks for great contest. I'm making my way around all the Katz bloggers and trying to win somewhere! I ordered their sampler pack already and the bread was divine. No joke. I'm still thinking about it's yumminess and its all gone ;( He he he

    iclipcoupons at gmail dot com

  4. Have never heard of Katz, but I'm always interested in trying new products. My four year-old is extremely picky about GF bread. This brand sounds promising!

  5. I would love to try your products! I'm in the middle of the midwest in a small town with NO GF grocers, restaurants treat you like you have the plague when you ask about GF and am craving breads, rolls and cookies that don't taste like stale cardboard! Your products look so yummy and delish!!!

  6. Trying to find a store that always carries gluten free food… I know a few places that carry a few items… but it depends on the area I am in..

  7. I am new to the gluten and dairy free way of life and feeling so much better. I'm still trying to find things to eat so I'm excited about the giveaway.

  8. My daughter has been on a gf diet for 5 years and I made everything from scratch. . . she has moved out and I have discovered I will benefit from a gf diet – I am looking forward to trying Katz products as I am needing a little convenience in my life.

  9. Please come to Charlottesville, VA! We have so few really tasty GF options that I have been paying a lady $1 per bun for hamburger and hotdog buns. The breads available here all taste like sand. Now, my bun lady is moving back to Hungary!! Help please, I am desperate to feed my bottomless pit 16 yr old autistic son!

  10. I have never tried this brand before, but it sure looks delicious. After being diagnosed with celiac disease, finding good gluten free foods has been a struggle. I hope that I win this drawing!

  11. Those muffins look so good and uhgg I've been craving some Rugelech. Hope to find these products real soon

  12. Before Katz, I had never had Rugelech before, gluten free or otherwise. Thanks for introducing a new yummy treat to my GF world.

  13. One of the things I miss most is the great Jewish pastries, bagels and breads. I have just married into a Jewish family and feel very left out when dining with them as they eat some of their wonderful traditional foods. I would love to find a source that allows me to have some of these great treats again. Jewish delicacies are often the best. I have heard that Katz has some wonderful gluten free tradtional treats, such as rugelach and black and white cookies… oh what a treat this would be.

  14. Would love to try Katz's! My little sister has celiac disease and the hardest thing for her is the bread and dessert items. Katz's look delicious!

  15. Love gluten free and cinnamon! Hard to find good food so I am looking forward to trying some of these!

  16. I am so excited to have found Katz. I am dairy and gluten free, a hard combo in our society. They have a great shelf life, great texture and a huge variety!

  17. Ooooo, pick me! Pick me! Please. 🙂 this would be super helpful because my dd has to take breakfast and lunch to preschool. It's getting expensive

  18. I'd love to win. I've had a few of their products and they were great. They have many other things I'd like to try, so a gift card would definitely be put to good use!

  19. My daughter has Celiac disease and I am gluten intolerant. We would love to have some variety in our diet. I tried baking a dessert bread, desserts are what we miss the most. Lets just say… I sure would like to try yours, because mine was awful ha!ha! Thank you

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