Adios, Frappuccino –

Can someone please explain to me why Starbucks, the folks who just got on the Gluten-Free snack wagon, would add GLUTEN to their new Frappuccino blend?  Melissa from Coffee City did an article about the issue – thank goodness, because my local barista has no idea what the hell is happening. “There shouldn’t be any Gluten because now we have Gluten Free snacks & stuff” – was the answer I got when I asked the question at my normal caffeine stop.  Good thing I erred on the side “if I don’t know, then NO,” as usual.  So now I’m back to brewed again.

Brilliant.  I’m just gonna spend my summer hoping they add a new Super-Caffeine boost to the G-Free List at Jamba Juice.  I’ve already got them trained to wash the blenders.

10 thoughts on “Adios, Frappuccino –

  1. Well now im confused because I thought the strawberry frozen frappacino’s, as long as they were made with soy milk were gluten free??? Well, truth of the matter is i’ve been confused since I’ve been diagnosed a year ago. Still feel like a freak!! Even though I know I’m cooler than the rest of the world, that can eat anything they want!! It would be so great if we, after work could stop anywhere we wanted to also and grab a bite to go! I think that day will eventually come, till then I need PATIENCE! However, truthfully if they did (say at McDonalds) have some GF items, I probably still would be to afraid to eat there for fear of cross-contamination!! So, for me to eat, I’m stuck with- theres no place like home!! And starve to death till I get there! Im sorry KC I went off on a rant, So answers from Starbucks, I too would love to have a correct answer, not like the one I get at Our Starbucks, from the kid they hired yesterday, Ummmm I dont know-do you still want it:(((

  2. Pam – You’re fine! This is the place to rant – we SO get it! Be sure to check out our G-Free Foodie Guide to Fast Food, I hope that will make you feel a bit more “normal.”
    Meanwhile – I’d stick to brewed drinks & the G-Free snacks at Starbucks – ’cause if you don’t know – Then NO! on gluten.

  3. I got the “we can give you sugar free syrup” when I asked about gluten there. After 4 times of telling him gluten and glucose were two different things I gave up.

  4. Their new fraps suck anyway. I called corporate twice to tell them to bring the old ones back…they said they’ve been receiving a lot of feedback about them. I’m guessing it’s negative. I hope they go back to the old recipe.

  5. I am just new to your blog and just spent about 1 hour and 30 minutes lurking and reading. I think I will frequent your blog from now on after going through some of your posts. I will definitely learn a lot from them.

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  7. Dear StarbucksPlease bring the Valencia Orange Cake back beuacse it’s good and beuacse every time we find something that we can eat it gets taken off the market that’s not fair. And besides why does everyone want to alienate us beuacse of our allergy its not like it’s our fault that we can't have what normal people can have. You guys don't think about all the customers that have celiac disease like us you mainly think about the normal people who can have everything. I’m getting sick and tired of everyone taking things off the market that us celiacs can have. If you don't bring back this cake that we can have you will lose me as a customer and I’m sure you will lose some other customers as well and then your money will go down beuacse its true there is over 3 million people who have celiac disease all over the world. And besides by alienating us you are also treating us like outcasts and we are not outcasts and I don't like being treated like an outcast beuacse I get treated like that alot beuacse of my allergy. What are we not as important as your normal people are beuacse we can't have what normal people can? If that’s the case you are pathetic. What would you do if you had kids, or you had the same allergy as us celiacs what would you do then? Sincerly Armanda Rudeau

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