A Year of Gluten Free Deliciousness Giveaway for #CeliacAwareness

May is Celiac Awareness Month, and three of the folks that help me live deliciously Gluten Free have come together for a crazy-big Giveaway to encourage everyone to spread the word about the seriousness of Celiac Disease. The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) just launched the #TalkTellTest campaign to encourage the conversation about Celiac Disease, including the risks, the factors, and how to get tested. You can learn more in this post from Celiac & the Beast, or in NFCA’s new video.

Seriously Celiac with NFCA

To promote #CeliacAwareness, the folk from GFF Magazine, Love With Food & Kyra’s Bake Shop are giving you a chance to score incredible prizes that will help you live deliciously Gluten Free. They’re also offering some incredible discounts during #CeliacAwareness Month, so you want to take advantage of them right away!
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The great news about this Giveaway is that there are TONS of prizes, so you’ll want to score extra entries for more chances to win!

To Enter:
– Leave a comment about how you spread #CeliacAwareness or care for those who are Gluten Intolerant (including yourself!)
– Use the Rafflecopter to verify your entry & score more with Likes, Tweets & Shares
The Grand Prize Winner will score a Full Year Membership to the Love With Food Gluten Free Box by G-Free Foodie (that’s 12-15 delicious Celiac-safe products delivered to you door every month!), a Full Year Subscription to GFF Magazine – full of gourmet recipes, destinations and premium products any foodie would love, and a copy of “Sweet Cravings” by Kyra Bussanich, 3X Winner of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars & the woman behind Kyra’s Bake Shop.

in addition:
2 winners will receive 3 month subscriptions to  Love With Food Gluten Free Box by G-Free Foodie
5 winners will receive a 1 year digital subscription to GFF Magazine
5 winners will receive a copy of  “Sweet Cravings” by Kyra Bussanich

Enter now & enter often! XOXOXO – KC

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110 thoughts on “A Year of Gluten Free Deliciousness Giveaway for #CeliacAwareness

  1. I spread #CeliacAwareness by posting info on GF issues and Celiac Awareness Month on social media. I also take care of GF friends by sharing recipes and product recommendations.

  2. I have been gluten free for 10 years after finally getting the right diagnosis of celiac. When I started going gluten free, nobody had almost ever heard of it. So i immediately educated my family and coworkers, and then when I switched jobs, had to educate a new set of coworkers. I have taught so many people about how to read labels, and how to be sensitive to others dietary needs. This month, I am bringing in both homemade and storebought gluten free treats to my coworkers #CeliacAwareness

  3. I spread Celiac awareness by reminding people that just because you don't have a diagnosis, if you absolutely cannot bodily tolerate wheat, you do not have to keep eating it.

  4. i feed myself and my family a gluten free diet. I have also gotten my mother to put my pre-diabetic, Downs Syndrome sister on a gluten free diet as well.

  5. We are gfree to help my son's Aspergers. We've found that he has fewer meltdowns and can handle stress better without gluten in his system. So we try to share what works for us with other families on the spectrum.

  6. I am a beauty and health coach and promote a gluten free life style with food and cosmetics. I have known about my gluten intolerance for 15 years and love sharing my experiences to help others find things that people can not only eat but also vitamins and products to use on their bodies, such as makeup and skincare, to keep them safe.

  7. I am gluten intolerant and love educating people I meet. I also spread the word of delicious gluten free findings!

  8. I was diagnosed in Aug 2014 with Celiac, since diagosis I don't shy away from taking it as an opportunity to educate others who may not know what Celiac is or what gluten is. There are many who are not educated on what effects gluten has on those living with Celiac, it's actually been a great move to a healthier living as well!

  9. I talk to people about celiac every time I go anywhere with food. Everyone seems to want to grill me about what I can eat because they seem to think that I can't eat ANYTHING.

  10. I like to share the abundance of posts that are out there on social media throughout the month. It's the easiest way to reach out. Everyday I teach the people in my life what I already know and the things I learn beyond the month of May.

  11. I have been GF almost ten years and it has been an interesting journey, from "one bite won't hurt you" to, "you can just eat the inside" (of a burrito) My friends are always helpful and supportive and my new coworkers are more than supportive.

    I feel very lucky to live in a city where being gluten free is not an unheard of issue and I haven't encountered any negativity from the staff. I work hard to not be "that" person when dining out.

    When a friend gets a new diagnosis, I help them along with cleaning out their cupboards, telling them what gf food is good and also how to avoid the trap of the high sugar and high fat foods so they can begin their healing process and regain their health.

  12. I take care of my Celiac girl by trying to make sure that even though she lives gluten-free, that she is not left out at the important events in her life! We take treats everywhere we go, leave them with her teacher, and we always try to be prepared with a GF substitute!

  13. I was diagnosed 13 years ago, now, and am hopeful that I am a positive advocate for the benefits of a GF lifestyle. It also can't hurt that I'm an avid baker who loves to share GF treats with others!

  14. I make everything gluten free for my daughter who lets me live with her. I read EVERY label on EVERY product I buy. No mistakes because of me!

  15. I spread my #CeliacAwareness as a pharmacy technician. I have taught the pharmacists at the pharmacy how gluten affects a Celiac and how there is gluten in medication. They have been excited to put that info into practice and have even been able to assist gluten intolerant patients get the medication they need without the fear of getting glutened. I am also preparing a Celiac awareness display for the pharmacy to reach patients about Celiac disease and the importance of getting tested if they are feeling some of the warning signs of Celiac. Our pharmacy is located in a medical mall, so I am also able to reach out to doctors in multiple practices to make sure they brush up on their celiac knowledge. So excited to spread the word about #CeliacAwareness

  16. My mother in law was diagnosed in 2011, then my husband's twin brother was diagnosed in 2013. As an experiment my husband cut out gluten, and within a month started feeling better. I am a gluten fanatic (my favorite foods include bread and pasta). So it was a challenge to switch to a GF diet.
    Every time we visit my family, they learn something new about celiac. We also have been educating our friends on what has gluten and does not.

  17. I was finally diagnosed with Celiacs 2 years ago after 2 long years of mid diagnosis (and being put on a whole grain/wheat diet by my nutritionist!!!!!). Every day it feels like I am educating people on what the disease really is and how difficult it is to maintain. I work at an elementary school and it's funny to see what they tell me they saw at the grocery store that is GF.
    I'm not quite 100% healthy yet, but I am visiting Shands hospital in a month. Hopeful for more answers.
    Good luck to all!!

  18. After a bizarre run of symptoms, I was finally diagnosed with Celiac Disease 2.5 years ago and have been learning to be a happy GF baker and cook ever since! Thank you for your work in spreading awareness! It's getting better, but the gluten free backlash is still in full force. I help to spread awareness by being the best customer I can be… smiling and being super friendly but firm at restaurants and really thanking those who taking this disease seriously.

  19. I love sharing all my GF cookbooks(over 100) with friends and family who are Celiac.

  20. I care for those who are Gluten Intolerant by making sure when inviting people to eat over I ask them if they have any food allergies, sensitives, or preferences. That way I'm able to make sure there are food options for everyone.

  21. I bake cakes for my friends' birthdays and make sure to follow their dietary restrictions!

  22. my 18 month old is allergic to wheat so I have been trying to find gluten free products for her that taste good! winning this would be a huge help for us

  23. I spread celiac awareness through social events. More often than not I am the only one not eating and am always asked why. I take this time to educate people that while some foods may appear safe, I can't take risks. I also instagram a lot of my home cooked meals to show people that gluten free food looks the same and tastes good!

  24. Master 3.6 and Miss 2 are gluten and dairy free and to be honest I struggled at first. I continue to find it challenging however has got easier with groups, recipes and wonderful friends and family being more aware especially when we go to special events. I too have cut down on my gluten intake which helps too.

  25. I educate everyone I talk to and let them know that they have to be conscious of everyone, because there are a lot of people out there with eating issues, and they could be next!

  26. I started a facebook page to get the Celiacs/NCGS in my city and county connected for the purpose of sharing information about how to live Gluten Free in our town. The upside is I've also had many who don't need a GF diet want to be a part of my page so they can help their friends and family who are living GF.

  27. I cook and bake a 100% gluten-free menu for my family every day! We are committed to a healthy, organic, and gluten-free lifestyle!

  28. I celebrate and promote #CeliacAwareness by baking gluten and preservative free goods at a dedicated gluten free bakery. We make everything from your daily breads, brownies, cream puffs, hamburger and hotdog buns, Garlic Rosemary pizza crust to weekly specials, all gluten free. We provide these goods to local restaurants and stores so that everyone has access to gluten free food that makes them feel good AND is good for them. We are also proud members of the Gluten Intolerance Group. I love telling people about my gluten free diet and spreading awareness 365 days a year.

  29. I promote #CeliacAwareness by cooking gluten free meals in my home for my daughter and myself that our whole family enjoys. I also use tools like this website to help me learn more about GF cooking and share what I learn through social media. I speak up and teach others what it means and introduce others to the delicious GF foods out there. I help parents of kids with new diagnoses learn some simple ways to live GF lives without giving up special things like baking for their kids.

  30. Just diagnosed last year I promote #CeliacAwareness by taking time to educate people I meet, share updates on Facebook about Celiac related articles and issues as well as my difficult transition going GF. I also make sure people who make fun of food issues or don't take it seriously are aware of the real consequences of having this disease. I share info with my other Celiac friends when i come across something tasty. I do my best to make sure people understand it more so when the next Celiac comes along, maybe they don't have as hard of a time being understood and being safe!

  31. I'm gluten-intolerant and spread awareness by explaining gluten-free to people and sharing recipes.

  32. I promote Celiac Awareness by educating my coworkers about the importance of myself and other people who have celiac disease. And how it is very important to stay gluten free. I also share gf stuff on facebook and i also receive e-mails updates about new gf products.

  33. I was diagnosed with Celiac a year ago this April. What I thought was a lifetime of no fun with food has now become my passion! I'm a hairstylist so I interact with lots of people with different talents and interests every day! I am able to educate people who don't know what celiac is and share recipes and other helpful tips with clients who also share a gluten sensitivity or celiac with me. I think being in the service industry has afforded me to learn so much about my disease because so many other people share a passion for finding good health with this disease .

  34. I was diagnosed with a Gluten/Wheat allergy as well as egg, almond and dairy… so it's been tough, but I have slowly found other options that I can have… and really my options are limited eating out, but I like most foods… so it hasn't been a horrible problem. I certainly feel better and weight loss has been a plus:-)

  35. I try to raise awareness of Celiac disease by using social media, talking to my friends and family, and wearing my bracelet. I doing so I have had some of my family members tested, finding some that did not have it and finding two that did. I urge others to get tested, even if they think they don't have symptoms. I feel it is so important for families that this disease runs in to take this seriously and get tested and then eat right to stay healthy!

  36. I spread awareness by sharing the story of my gluten free journey with those that don't understand why "all of a sudden" I've stopped eating certain foods.

  37. I share info about being gluten and wheat free with everyone and anyone! I want people to feel better and actually enjoy life without being sick and tired all the time. I also bring gluten free and wheat free food to every gathering — that way people discover how really good celiac-friendly food can be! I continue to share recipes and products, all the time, in person and online! 🙂

  38. i cook gluten free and share recipes. People are always surprised at how good gf can taste

  39. I share lots of recipes with friends and family to promote gluten free cooking.

  40. I try to provide gluten free options and also enjoy making gluten free food with my mom, who is gluten intolerant. I also tell people that "gluten free" doesn't always mean "taste-free." Gluten free food can be really yummy!

  41. I spread #CeliacAwareness by educating restaurants I go to the importance of giving more gluten free options, and the importance of not making this cross contaminate.

  42. By offering delicious and wonderful gluten free treats for my bakery customers and making sure local Brides and Grooms have the option of offerring gluten free wedding cakes, favors and other desserts at their receptions that are so tasty, guests can't tell that they are gluten free.

  43. I have always known about gluten issues since my best friend has celiac and 2 years ago after I had a run in with cancer I became gluten free. I educate people I work with and my family on #CeliacAwareness and the harmful effects of gluten many do not know. I have probably always suffered from gluten sensitivity but didn't realize the symptoms. Being gluten free doesn't mean giving up the yummy things we eat, I am still able to cook and bake gluten free for family and most of the time no one even knows the difference.

  44. #celiacawareness
    Ever since my son was diagnosed with Celiac disease 2.5 years ago and my daughter diagnosed a year ago- I talk about Celiac Disease all the time. It was important to me that our friends and family understood what that means. My son who is 10 is vigilant about making sure everything he eats is gluten free. He has become his own advocate.

  45. My hubby was diagnosed in 1998 when gf foods were not very easy to find. No one even knew what you were talking about at that time. We started a support group in 1999 and we have been helping celiac said ever since.

  46. My son was diagnosed with celiac disease at 18 months old in Jan. 2012. I've encouraged our families to get tested! I've helped his daycare to safely provide meals & snacks for him. He's finally becoming his own advocate. His daycare friends have even encouraged their parents to bring in GF goodies for parties!

  47. Realizing the problem this year I was stunned to find out that after eliminating gluten I no longer woke up with a severe headache as I did EVERY morning nor DoD I exemplifying and out of it with not energy! Feel like a TOTALLY DIFFERENT PERSON since I changed my diet! Now I am educating others! People are amazed and opening their eyes now!

  48. It was a long sickly road to diagnosis for me. My doctor gave me a sheet of paper and said don't it these and do the best you can. That was it. I learned how to be gluten free mostly on my own by reading books, internet, and anything about celiac I could find. I have been gluten free since 2004. I have helped many learn the gluten free ways, had wrote letter after letter asking stores to carry products etc.

  49. #celiacawareness

    As Celiac Disease awareness has spread, I have become more informed about food sensitivity. Several friends and family members have gluten sensitivities and I feel that it is important to educate others about Celiac Disease. It's not simply an accommodation but a necessity and a way of life.

  50. I had celiac since 2007 and find it very hard to find a lot of Gluten Free foods. I make people aware of it by wearing my green celiac bracelet and when I go out to eat I have to inform most waitresses what gluten is. It is very challenging. I did find out that IHOPS use gluten as a preservative for their hash brown . It always worries me that I am going to get unknown gluten in my foods. I ask a lot of questions and have the waitress read the labels of the food I order. It is no fun getting sick from eating food that restaurants aren't aware of gluten products.
    I would love to win some Gluten free foods . That would make my day.

  51. I was diagnosed in 1990.it was in 2011 I found information on the internet that has helped me more than any information I learned from the library. I explain what Celiac is to those who ask. whenever my sister and I go out to eat, I drive her crazy looking at the menus asking questions how things are made, but it wasn't until she witnessed what happens to me when I eat gluten, she became more understanding. Now she explains to the staff what I can eat. My daughter decided to be gluten free. She had cramping and felt run down. Gluten free has stopped her symptoms and she feels healthier now. I am still fighting and always will. I do not have health insurance so the free health clinic doctors cannot do anything about what is in the medications. Several other issues for me is the cost of cooking and baking from scratch. Gluten free flour, ingredients, prepackaged and frozen foods are expensive. Living with people who do not have Celiac is another big problem because of cross contamination. I don't even want to wash their dishes!.

  52. I am allergic to Gluten among other things and I am surprised at how many people tell me to just pull meat off the bread or just don't eat part of something. I am constantly explaining that you can't just do that when you are allergic or have Celiac like some do. I am beginning to feel like a broken record…but they are catching on.

  53. I do my very best to live gluten free, but I have to admit that as a mom of three elementary-aged children and with a husband who simply doesn't seem to understand just how sick gluten makes me feel, it is very hard for me to be consistent. I'll go 2 weeks GF, then my husband will bring me home a hot pretzel from QT, and I'm not only tempted, but feel bad saying no after he thought he was doing something nice for me. Ugh! I try to keep the house stocked with as many GF snacks and foods as possible, so that when the rest of the family eats meals I can't have or when I get the munchies, I have healthy things to choose from.

  54. Whenever I hear of people having stomach pain that doesn't go away, I tell them to get tested. It's a simple test in the beginning and can literally change your life.

  55. My mother was diagnosed with being gluten intolerant, so lately we have been on the constant hunt of finding fun gluten-free snacks. I have a subscription with the Love With Food box and I always get the fun snacks! We also are on the lookout for sweets to bake that she can still enjoy along with my brothers. I love my mother and it can be a bummer to be gluten intolerant at times, but we try our hardest to make it work.

  56. i care for my best friends who are both Gluten Intolerant and I try to try new foods that are gluten free with them to support them. I also tell them about new foods that I find that they can eat.

  57. I was just diagnosed with IBS. I'm learning as much as I can, but it's still daunting. I'm grateful that I have the options that are available now, even so it's overwhelming. I'm doing the best I can to relearn how to eat.

  58. I spread #celiacawareness by sharing gluten free products! Most people wont buy them to try themselves. When we are out at a restaurant I pull out extra gluten free cookies while everyone else eats cheesecake! I also remind local farmer market booth vendors that yeast is not gluten. I was surprised that a few of them didn't know the difference. Scary! I also recommend the gluten free lifestyle to friends who want to lose weight, and get on a better track of nutrition!

  59. HI, thank you for all you do, information you provide on a daily basis – Celiac Awareness month or not. I share information on Facebook or Twitter that comes across my Facebook or Twitter.

  60. I share recipes on Facebook for everyone to see, whether or not they have Celiac, and I talk about celiac issues.

  61. My husband and I have been together for 14 years and I have been been cooking gluten free since we met. Just last year my 2 year old son was diagnosed with Celiac. Trying to feed some one who has celiac has its challenges. When you add in a picky toddler it makes things much more difficult. I am always trying to find new fun and interesting meals for both my husband and son. I am always thinking about and talking about gluten free foods and celiac awareness. I want my family and friends to understand what my husband and especially my young son can and cannot eat.

  62. I was diagnosed with microscopic colitis in November of 2014 and was told to try a gluten free and dairy free diet to elevate my constant abdominal pain and nausea. I started following the new diet and feel like a normal person again!!! It's so amazing what changing your diet can do. Ever since my diet change I have been telling everyone I know and have been baking and cooking gluten and dairy free. Everyone is amazed at how much better I feel and when they try my cooking they are very plesently surprised!

  63. My 3 year old daughter was just diagnosed with Celiac disease on Friday. I have been researching and looking for as much information as I can. I have emailed our Dr. For blood test for us and urged our family on both sides to blood tested also. I have asked friends with children with Celiac disease for help, advice, etc. Even able to share some of information I read with a parent whose child has celiac that she didn't know. I will continue to spread awareness especially during May which is Celiac Awareness month and as we learn more.

  64. I take care of myself by not compromising my food safety especially when going out to eat at restaurants. I also educate my friends and family and acquaintances about #CeliacAwarness

  65. I try to help spread awareness by talking to anyone and everyone I know about celiac! I will post about new products whenever I find any so that other celiacs can enjoy as well!

  66. I am on tsu and I try to tell others about gf companies and how to save money living a gf lifestyle.

  67. There are many people in my family who are celiac or gluten intolerant. It all started with my sister and ever since than my family has become very knowledgeable about what we can and cannot eat. I used to work in the food industry and was able to help educate the cooks about what was and what was not gluten free. Now I bake for fun and it's always a hit! I love talking to people about what it's like to love gluten free because it's honestly not that different, but some people think we can't way anything!

  68. I'm a celiac and so are five of my grandchildren. I do all of the baking for all of us. Gluten free can get so expensive and winning this would be a big help. I'm always looking for new gluten free foods and recipes

  69. As a Celiac, I try to help clear up misconceptions about living gluten free, and I work with local restaurants to help prevent cross-contamination.

  70. I've been gluten intolerant for just over a year (or at least recognized that I'm allergic to gluten). I've been trying to find great alternatives that are just as satisfying as a French baguette 🙂

  71. We def need to improve celiac awareness! After discovering and declaring my celiac sensitivities, I have been verbally abused from "friends" many times, with negative statements like "there is no such thing as celiac disease, its all in my head, its a fad", etc. I have slowly learned how to cook and bake gf items for myself and others, so I don't feel deprived anymore. I'm lucky all I have to worry about is being gluten-free–much better than many other health issues people endure daily. 🙂

  72. My son and I both have Celiac and my daughter is gluten intolerant (non-celiac gluten sensitivity). In addition, my uncle died last year of complications from undiagnosed Celiac, so I am constantly telling anyone to get tested who describes any possible symptoms (not only GI symptoms — I never had any!).

  73. I share my GF magazines and recipes with other celiacs, as well as online info that I get in my e-mail. We have 3 generations of celiacs in our family.

  74. I try to keep my dad on track, though he cheats a bit, despite the fact that he's miserable afterward. So it's always easier to just make meals gluten-free instead of tempting him to sneak something that he isn't supposed to have.

  75. I suffered my celiac symptoms for 30 years. I denied my wife's diagnosis of the disease for over a year. What can I say, I'm a man.
    When someone is finally ready to explore their illness I am there to help them explore solutions to healthy Gluten Free eating. GFF magazine is so much more than great recipes, it's my lifestyle magazine.

  76. Working for a company developing a product to detect gluten in food, which will make it so much easier for those with Celiac to dine out comfortably!

  77. I try to educate those around me, I am always explaining to my friends what is safe and how to prepare foods so I don't get sick

  78. To avoid cross contamination we have removed all gluten containing ingredients from the house. We have a 50/50 split in our house and luckily the non sensitive family members are willing to keep us safe.

  79. I feel so good when I eat Gluten free. But living with others (roommates) makes it incredibly difficult. It's like they don't get it because they've never been sick

  80. I spread gluten-free love by making healthy and nutritious gluten-free meals for my family and love trying out new recipes for everyone to enjoy and that's easy for all to digest. Thank you for this fabulous review and giveaway!

  81. My husband has been sick for 10 years and on his own, he discovered it was the gluten making him ill. He went gluten free about 2 years ago. I've learned so much about being gluten free from my husband and I always share that info with family and friends and people who are interested in knowing more.#CeliacAwareness

  82. I just recently went through testing and have been diagnosed as gluten intolerant. It has been a learning process but my sister-in-law who has celiacs has been so helpful.

  83. I have encouraged family members to be tested, and will be getting my kids tested (in one case, re-tested) again soon. I've tried to spread the word about the huge variety of symptoms. Not everyone has GI distress like me–it could be anemia and osteoporosis like my mom.

  84. I became aware of celiac when my 4 year old son was hospitalized for 2 days and became very ill from not only the celiac but the complications that came from the testing required. It took him three months to recover completely. We are always educating his school and friends on the importance of gluten and wheat awareness and cross contamination.

  85. Create awareness on social media. Discuss the issue with fellow friends who could use more information and help.

  86. My mother in law passed away in 2012 suddenly after having Celiacs and never knowing. After that it's been a guessing game of trying to get more family tested and learning how to live a gluten free lifestyle. I'm taking care of my husband and children's future and trying to learn/teach at the same time.

  87. I have been GF for about 2-1/2 years now. I have a thyroid condition and being GF just relieved so much body pain for me. My husband also feels better GF and was diagnosed as being gluten intolerant. I am always looking for new recipes and information, I have really enjoyed the gff magazine. It is a beautiful magazine with lots of great recipes and information. It is not easy to be GF, gluten is hidden in so many products that you need to keep yourself informed.

  88. Just got off an Alaskan & so pleased to find the dining room had GF bread plus GF options on the menu. The wait staff went out of their way to make sure I had what I needed for my special needs.

  89. I'm gluten free myself and help spread awareness by sharing information with local restaurant owners, so they can provide better options

  90. i try to eat as naturally gluten free as possible, and to stay as close to the whole food as I can.

  91. Struggling with my autoimmune disease lupus I have found going gluten free has helped iliminate some symptoms. I share with family my progress as I go gluten free giving them simple ways to start. I also educate my girls on reasons going gluten free may one day change their world. It's been a lifestyle change, I still struggle in the snack dept but it's always a goal to eat least amount of gluten as possible or my body goes into inflammation almost instantly. Would love to win a years supply to find new gluten free snacks for my family and self. Yayyy!

  92. i avoid all gluten containing foods and try to educate others to do the same. I eat as much fresh fruits and natural foods as I can.

  93. I have been GF for over 15 years, I help educate those with recent diagnosis and cook good GF food to show them that you really can eat better GF now that the processed foods are out of your life!

  94. I spread #CeliacAwareness by explaining how sensitive I am to gluten…and discussing ALL the things I have to look for…not just in food but hair products, makeup, etc….

  95. At every restaurant I work at, I educate the staff about Celiac Disease and gluten intolerance so that they understand that for some people it's a medical necessity and not a "fad diet". I also teach them the importance of avoiding cross-contamination.

  96. I spread awareness by explaining to friends and family why not only myself but my children have to eat GF.

  97. To be completely honest, my Celiac journey is just beginning. My 8-year old son is having neurological and musculoskeletal health concerns and I've been having plenty of health issues myself. Doctors are thinking gluten is the culprit! I plan on sharing Celiac Awareness with everyone. I need all the help I can get since we're just beginning this transition.

  98. That's would be so awesome, it would be like having a chef fix you meals for a year

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