A Year of G-Free Foodie – Our Birthday Giveaway!

Can you believe this site has been up for a year?  Where has the time gone?  I wrote my first blog post just before we launched – we were scared but excited – hoping more of you needed the same kind of resource that I did. And you did!

Since then, we’ve started doing Gluten Free Consulting, held our first Eat Well Event, added the G-Free Foodie Guides, a You Tube Channel, “Gluten Free Ultimate Solution” Apps, Free Recipe Conversions and been featured on IFood.TV & lots of other places. (That’s me cooking on TV in the photo!) Time flies when you’re having fun!

I’ve also been blessed with lots of new & supportive friends, many of them G-Free (I can’t imagine making pie crust without Rachel the Gluten Free Mama!) The G-Free Foodie team: Annalaura, Jodie, Allyson & Beth – have been amazing, holding my hand through all of this, and my head during some personal challenges that could’ve taken a person with lesser friends out to sea.  I feel so blessed to have them!

In honor of G-Free Foodie’s First Birthday, Celiac Awareness Month, and of my awesome family, friends, business partners & the “Portuguese Dream Team” who have repeatedly bailed me out of sticky situations – I’m offering some prizes to those of you we hoped to help when we started all this!  Please leave a  comment below by Friday, May 20th – about what you’d like to see, your favorite part of G-Free Foodie, whatever you’d like – and we’ll give away some great prizes to randomly drawn winners.

Thank you for being a G-Free Foodie.  It’s nice to know there are so many of us, isn’t it?

KC Pomering

33 thoughts on “A Year of G-Free Foodie – Our Birthday Giveaway!

  1. I'm new to this site and welcome every bit of info i can get. Thanks for helping navigate this way to eat and love food. It will be nice to not just eat to live.

  2. So grateful for your commitment to do this…I am fairly new to the world of gluten free eating. I self diagnosed and took myself off gluten after a complicated gall bladder surgery and was okay with it for the most part, but then just this week we got test results back and both my girls, ages 4 and 2 have a gluten intolerance/sensitivity. I have gone through a torrent of emotions and while I know it's a food allergy and not cancer, it is something that seems overwhelming right now but thanks to your site it helps this overwhelmed mommy navigate my way through it all and breathe a little easier!

  3. It's been just over a year since I found out I had an allergy to wheat/gluten and your website has been a great resource in helping me during this time of learning!

  4. Love to find your posts on my FB newsfeed…it's great not to have to mull over boring and plain meal options with my family. Thanks so much for all you do!

  5. I love the recipes! I share with my other gf friends and then we get together and decide to try making something new together. It's great! Plus the news updates are always intriguing. Thanks!

  6. I have been gluten free for just over a year. This all started with skin a very bad red and itchy skin rash from head to toe! After finding out I had gluten allergies and after a short time of OH NO WHAT NOW!! I have come a long way.!! Now Sunday will be my 53rd birthday along with Mother's Day! I'm so excited to have found you on face book, your site has been an inspiration to me. Cooking and eating was very hard at first but with your help it has been an easier journey. Thank you for all you do..

  7. Going gluten free has been a difficult change in our families lives. After finding your website and wonderful recipes it has made a much easier transition for us. We can enjoy wonderful, tasty food with out compromising our health. Thank you for all that you do!

  8. Because of you and your wonderful recipes, I'm getting more confident in my gluten free baking! Thank you for helping to make this journety a little less daunting.

  9. I love the GFree Foodie gluten ingredient card you gave at the eat well event. That makes it so much easier when looking for the hidden ingredients. I also love having this eat well event so close to home. I am so excited to have been part of the first year event and can not wait for the next event to follow.

    Thank you so much~

  10. I love that you are another VERY welcome resource in navigating the gluten-free lifestyle. But now I have to ask, are you going to post a birthday cake recipe in honor of your birthday? (I am asking selfishly, as I need to bake a cake for my son's birthday in a week, and I am researching my options, lol) Congratulations! 🙂

  11. Your recipes have really helped me with preparing meals for my son who has autism. I am struggling with GF breakfast foods because he is really picky when it comes to breakfast.

  12. Just beginning this journey. so glad to find your site. can't wait to go back and read this past years posts. thanks.

  13. I was just diagnosed and have been looking for resources … it is so nice to see so much information available. Thank you!

  14. This is absolutely the best site for Gluten Free food plus the recipes actually look like something you would want to eat and save to cook later.

  15. Always good to have a reliable source for all things GF! Thank you for your efforts.

  16. This is an excellent resource. Being gluten-free no longer means rock-hard rice breads and flavorless gunk. We've got options now, and G-Free foodies is helping to spread the message of fun, flavorful food.

  17. I just love all of your recipes, helpful hints & the videos!! You are doing a wonderful job & a much needed service for all of us G-Free Foodie groupies! We so appreciate all of your hard work, time spent on all you do & your caring about all of us!! Kudos to you & happy anniversary!!

  18. I came upon this site merely by accident and instantly fell in love with it. It is nice that there are sites out there for people with food allergies and with this site I don't feel as if I am alone. I have food allergies to Wheat, Potato, Dairy as well as Sugar. So finding things to eat has proven to be quite the challenge, especially with three kids that have not shown any signs of having these issues. Thank you…

  19. Oh my goodness…where to start? Going g-free is completely overwhelming! One of the most important things for me was knowing I'm not alone – but on top of that, some before me have done a lot of the leg work and helped me figure out where to start – you are one of them! Some days I'm okay with it, and some days I just feel like a freak and would like to order off the "normal" menu and not put anyone out! Knowing there are others out there, spreading the word, getting the knowledge out there to make it easier…it helps tremendously. I was at the Eat Well event and got some great samples – and thank you so much for the list of different names for gluten – HANDY!

    I have to confess I haven't read all of your blog…I just started this g-free thing 4 months ago – but I love when certain restaurants and products are mentioned by name. Recipes are great, but with 3 little ones, I really need on the go stuff more at this phase of life.

    Yesterday was the worst of worst days emotionally since starting this lifestyle…winning a Birthday Giveaway would sure be swell! :o)

    Thanks, thanks, and thanks!

  20. I love how professional the website is and the recipes are great. I love the bacon and sage chicken as well as the lime sweet potato salad from the other day.

  21. I love everything about G-Free Foodie. I get all sorts of ideas and information from here!!!

  22. My dad has to have gluten free good…I'm constantly looking for recipes & tips for his meals…He is 86 yrs old & I want to make his life comfortable…Thanks for your recipes & tips!!!…They have been a big help!!!

  23. My dad has to have gluten free good…I'm constantly looking for recipes & tips for his meals…He is 86 yrs old & I want to make his life comfortable…Thanks for your recipes & tips!!!…They have been a big help!!!

  24. My dad has to have gluten free good…I\\\\’m constantly looking for recipes & tips for his meals…He is 86 yrs old & I want to make his life comfortable…Thanks for your recipes & tips!!!…They have been a big help!!!

  25. I'm new to GF and appreciate all the hard work you've put into getting this information together and out to people like me! I love the recipes, they help me find ways to enjoy cooking and eating when I can't have what I used to. Most of all, its nice to have someone else in your corner! Thanks for all you do!

  26. Having gone gluten-free many years ago, I'm often asked for suggestions by friends who are new to the g-free lifestyle. It's so much easier for more recent "converts" – thanks in large part to blogs like yours – and better awareness in the food and food service industries, labeling, and support systems.

    I enjoy that your blog/site shows that we can still enjoy food without feeling deprived. I think it makes us appreciate GOOD food even more. Thank you for your dedication. Keep encouraging us!

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