10 Questions with KC – Gluten Free Mama

You’ve probably seen me post recipes from my friend the Gluten Free Mama, or maybe you’ve even requested a Recipe Conversion that one of us worked out for you! If you haven’t heard about Rachel the Gluten Free Mama, here’s your chance – and might I suggest picking up some of her mixes, they’ve been my favorites since I started G-Free Foodie. That’s us in the photo, by the way, at Safeway Corp. – they’ll be stocking her mixes soon!

How did Gluten Free Mama get started, and where are you headed?

I founded the Gluten Free Mama Kitchen, LLC in 2006 shortly after my youngest daughter Lexie was diagnosed with Celiac/gluten intolerance at the age of 18 months. After discovering that Lexie needed to be on a strict gluten free diet, it was a struggle finding food that tasted good, had good texture, wasn’t gritty, didn’t fall apart and was easy to make. Not being able to expect my children to eat food that I wouldn’t eat, I put my love for baking to use by writing 2 gluten free cookbooks and developing a line of gluten free flours and mixes.

My goal is to continue creating recipes that will help those living gluten free enjoy and have success baking in their own kitchen.  Gluten Free Mama is working tirelessly to get our line of products in more grocery stores across America.

Are all your products Gluten & Dairy Free? How about Nuts & Eggs?

All of my products are certified gluten free by the Celiac Sprue Association.  Each product is also dairy free and egg free, but some of the recipes call for dairy or eggs.  In the recipes that call for dairy you can use any milk of your choice or dairy free margarine.

Gluten Free Mama products either have almond flour as a base or coconut flour as a base.

What charities or projects do you support?

We try to donate to Celiac/gluten intolerance fundraisers as well as children’s camps.  We also donate to Christian missionaries and pastors who are living gluten free.

Got a food or beverage you can’t live without?

I cannot live without Spark.  It is my energy drink from Advocare.  It is my lifeline.  I even have a special cup that I drink it out of and a special way of holding my cup.  My friends always joke that wherever Rachel is so is her spark cup.

Can you give the Gluten Free home cooks a tip or two on getting restaurant flavor?

Don’t be afraid to improvise and experiment with different herbs and spices.  Garlic makes everything better!

If we opened your refrigerator at home, what would we find?

Onions!  Almost every main meal recipe I make starts out with onions.  You will also find zucchini, red and yellow peppers, milk, a dozen eggs, heavy cream, milk and just about every cheese you can imagine.  Oh, cannot forget Genoa salami and sliced turkey.

If you had to eat the same item from your menu every day, what would you choose?

Turkey, Swiss, Bacon, Tomato grilled sandwiches.

What spots should Foodies hit when they’re in your town?

The Cove Pizza parlor.  They serve Gluten Free Mama’s pizza!

What tips & tricks do you have for Gluten Free bakers?

Get a Kitchenaid mixer!  Bake breads in smaller pans like 4 inch round cake pans or in mini loaves.  They will rise better and stay softer longer.  Also, this may sound weird…but organize your kitchen.  Have all your baking ingredients in the same spot near your mixer.  That way you aren’t running all over your kitchen trying to find baking soda or the chocolate chips.

Pick one: Chocolate, Lemon or Pumpkin?

Chocolate of course!!!  What woman could live without chocolate?